Last update: 12/12/13

Here is my latest attempt at listing many important band links in a single grouping. Note that there are extensive Hawkwind and Pink Floyd links listed following the three main groupings.

Some of the main headings are:
SPACE ROCK, which loosely covers everything from krautrock to psychedelic (and some progressive) to the UK festival scene.

DRONE, also known as post-rock, or experimental noise. This may be guitar- or keyboard-based music, and may be loud or ambient.

HEAVY SLUDGE, which covers that unique style of heavy spaced rock (sometimes called Stoner Rock) put out by Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Fu Manchu, and the like.

TRANCE/RAVE/AMBIENT, which encloses the superfast beats of former space-rockers-turned-techno, such as Eat Static and Astralasia, as well as assorted almost-percussion-less recordings of various types.

At the bottom are also sections on some good resources and some great zines that cover this kind of music.


Online Music Sources

Dime A Dozen BT site
Yeeshkul BT site for Pink Floyd
The Trader's Den BT site
Sugarmegs FTP site link list
Studio M copies of NEARfest 2001 show
Hearts of Space now gone to subscription basis
DNA Lounge audio archive
Tangerine Tree FTP site
Live 365
Coast To Coast no music
WREK 91.1 FM, Atlanta from Georgia Tech
Helter Skelter FM
WFMU FM from New Jersey - special archive

Space Rock

0resund Space Collective
0resund Space Collective at Live Music Archive
Agitation Free
Alien Planetscapes by Scott Heller
Alien Planetscapes by Marc Powers?
Amon Duul II by Andy Gilham
Anubian Lights at Rhythmbank
Architectural Metaphor
Ashra the official website
Big Big Train
Bionaut by the band (offshoot from ArcMet)
Bionaut also by the band (offshoot from ArcMet)
Black Sun Ensemble
Slow Burn Records where to get Black Sun Ensemble, Sun Zoom Spark
Born To Go by Marc Powers?
Butthole Surfers by the band
CharalambidesWholly Other home
Scorces side band of Charalambides
Circle Finland - Ektro records
Circle discography
Circle another discography
The Cure live CD covers
Dark Sun from Finland
Djam Karet official site
Electric Orange
F/i by the band
Fantasyy Factoryy current official site
Flower Kings Flower Power
Godspeed You Black Emperor on
Godspeed You Black Emperor - Dead Methany
Godspeed You Black Emperor concert chronology
GYBE/A Silver Mount Zion
Planet Gong
Gong - Snapper Music site
Grimble Grumble on Jellyfant
Grimble Grumble on Pehr Label
Grobschnitt by Captain Cloud - a discography of this terrific krautrock band
Wolkenreise Eroc's online store
Grobschnitt site is in German
Rockpalast Archiv - Grobschnitt photos, discog, links
Hawkwind large section elsewhere on this site
Hidria Spacefolk
Mike Switzer and Slight Surface Noise
Jansen Barbieri Karn Medium label
Jet Jaguar
King Black Acid
The Art of King Black Acid
King Crimson live
King Crimson Chapter One of book 'Robert Fripp'
king Crimson Adrian Belew by Rob Murphree
Korai Orom Hungary's homegrown trip rock - check out '1997' for a taster
KrautRockPalast live audio from WDR RockPalast
Led Zeppelin Art CD covers
Led Zeppelin Studio Outtakes
Led Zeppelin Studio Outtakes another site
Liquid Visions
The Lothars a 3 theremin band!
The Mike Gunn at Fleece Records
The Moor official site
Mostly Autumn
Nebula official site
Ozric Tentacles official site
Unofficial Ozric Tentacles Gig Guide
Ozrics tracklists and other bands site for live photos
BLIM's Creations by regular cover artist for OT
Magna Carta site label for Spirals In Hyperspace
Ozric Tentacles pictures by Tim Egan
Erp Art by fans of the Ozrics
The Archivists CDR Covers with Ozrics covers
Mercury Moon Pink Fairies, T-Rex
Pink Floyd large index further down the page
Porcupine Tree large section elsewhere on this site
Pressurehed by the band
Primordial Undermind briefly included Doug Pearson from Ceres Records
Project Grimm official site
Pseudo Sun
Quarkspace official site
Church of Hed side band of Quarkspace
Spinning Plates Radiohead cover art
RPWL Review at DPRP CD Reviews
RPWL Yogi Lang interview
7% Solution Texas style slow psych
Joe Satriani article the guitar hero who can't win a Grammy
The Secret Machines
Sigur Ros
Skye Klad
Spirits Burning
Spiritualized Electric for those SP fans
ST37 by the band
Bahrain - ST37 spinoff
SubArachnoid Space (with MP3s) very interesting band similar to Magnog and Spacious Mind
Sula Bassana a very psychedelic rock project by Dave Schmidt
Neumeier - Genrich - Schmidt another project by Dave Schmidt Tangerine Dream mailing list
Tangle Edge
Tarentel at
Steve Tibbetts U2 bootleg forums
For Love Or Money U2 Bootleg Guide
Achtung Baby U2 Bootleg Cover Archive
U2 DVD Cover Art Elevation 2001 tour
Vocokesh at Marshead Records
Vocokesh at
Vocokesh Richard Franecki interview by Piero Scaruffi
Weltraumstaunen a Dave Schmidt project
Worship Guitars (dormant) Mike Gunn, Project Grimm, Charalambides, Linus Pauling Quartet
Zone Six another Dave Schmidt project



Abunai official site, plus Jam of the Month MP3
Bardo Pond (with MP3s) Hummingbird Mountain site by Mike Gibbons
Bardo Pond artwork at
Labradford: First London Festival of Drifting
Mogwai official site
Mogwai Punkrock with MP3s



Fu Manchu
Queens of the Stone Age
Monster MagNET pretty out of date now
On Trial
Nine Inch Nails live CD covers



Afro Celt Sound System
Global Trance
Banco de Gaia
Banco de Gaia by Toby (the man)
Eat Static official site by RiK Olpin
The Orb boot discography by Wolf
Ultraworld: The ORB
Portishead what they call "trip hop"
Spaceship Eyes by Don Falcone from Melting Euphoria, Spirits Burning, Spaceship Eyes
GOA Trance (offline right now)
Shpongel fan site with music videos
Shiva Space Technology GOA trance
TIP Records discography
System 7 official site at A-Wave Records
Senser rap techno


Pink Floyd Concert Database - formerly Orangemaze
PF Archives by Vernon Fitch (the man!)
Pink Floyd RoIO Database - THE repository of PF boot info
ECHOES list web page
Free Range Pigs
Harvested Records
Wojtek's Page of Bootlegs
You've Gotta Be Crazy
Pigs On The Wing
Man of Leisure Music and Flupe
Floydian Slip DJ radio show
Floydhead Floydian Propulsion Project
Neptune Pink Floyd Warren's PF fan site
The Vegetable Man Project many covers of Syd's song personal fan site
FloydPhotos for sale
Bootleg Times of PF info on ROIOs
The Most Complete PF fan site
PF ROIO Cover Art
Hoka's Pink Floyd Cover Art


Gilmour Whore for all things David
The Syd Barrett Archives
Laughing Madcaps list of Syd FTP sites
Vegetable Man Project hundreds of covers of one tune!
Roger Waters official site
Amused to Death Roger Waters fan site
Broken China EMI Records official site


Australian Pink Floyd
Massed Gadgets Media site
Us And Them - The Pink Floyd Experience

Assorted MP3 Download Sites:

Floyd42 RoIO site a fast FTP server, monthly ROIO
Crazy D's Pink Floyd FTP server with strict rules
Dark Side of the Pig no more RoIOs here - not updated in 2 years


Diverse Web Resources

Spacerock Band List at Aural Innovations
Psychotropic Zone
Space Rock UK
Forced Exposure Artists Index searchable discography database
Strange Daze festivals by Jim Lascko
Strawberry Bricks Progressive Rock timeline
Pooters Psychedelic Shack
Psychedelic Music searchable database, by Alie
Ghostland progressive rock
All Music Guide
Bahia Music, Hungary
The Dutch Progressive Rock Page
Madonna Remix Project
Why did the Progressive Chicken cross the road?
Krautrock bands on German TV
KFJC DJ play lists good for some wacky reviews
Best Selling Albums of All Time up thru 2003

Magazines and Webzines

Ptolemaic Terrascope from UK, sponsor of Terrastock shows
Aural Innovations the best Space Rock zine!
Expose Progressive Rock News
Stoner Rock and all things related
Astro Zombie
Drug Music Webcast hour-long music broadcast, three times a week
Perfect Sound Forever zine
Progression Magazine
Dream Magazine
Dead Flowers web site
Ink 19 paper zine
Independent Mind webzine
Pollstar Concert Hotwire
No-Fi Email list sponsors DroneOn list
Arthur Magazine

Concerts and Festivals and Venues

Emissions From the Monolith StonerRock festival
House of Blues
Twilight Night Club Tampa FL
9:30 Club Baltimore MD
King Center Melbourne FL

Videos on the Web

Ultimate DivX Resource site
Hornet Archive psych video clips

Great Internet Stores to buy CDs from the above bands