Captain Cloud's Web Guide to Music Stores
Last Revised: 5/12/06

Here is a decent attempt at listing many great stores for purchasing Space Rock, Drone, and other psychedelia. Most have online catalogs and online ordering. Note that some are based overseas, with consequent currency conversion issues and higher postage.


Freak Emporium UK based psychedelic distributors, former Delerium Records
Countryman Records run by The Spacious Mind
Cleopatra/Hypnotic/Purple Pyramid Records
Mammoth Records U.S. home of Eat Static, Banco De Gaia, etc.
SONY Music Artists
Caroline Distribution
A&M Records home of Queens of the Stone Age
Griffin Music (closed but re-opening, but catalog info is still online)
Kinesis Label mostly prog, but they try hard
Cuneiform Records Boud Deun and others
Kranky king of drone
VHF label drone
Worship Guitars (goes unupdated for months at a time)
Ace of Discs most recent Sun Dial
Darla Records
Forced Exposure clearing house for *every* independent label, includes Spalax
Woronzow Records Bevis Frond and friends
Free City Media
Captain Trip Records Japan (requires Japanese fonts)
Discipline Global Mobile UK King Crimson and family
Voiceprint in the UK
Artists Shop Voiceprint section from US distributor
Twisted Records home of Hallucinogen, Shpongel
Camera Obscura many great psych bands
Eternity's Jest Records home of Quarkspace and National Steam
Magick Eye all Astralasia, Magic Mushroom Band releases
Mother West Records Escapade
Bakery Records Tadpoles
One Way Records
Elsie and Jack Rekkids one SubArachnoid Space release
Secret Iditarod, Black Forest Black Sea
September Gurls Records
Silber Records Zann comp with SubArachnoid Space
Snapper Records Gong current US home
Lolo Records Gongzilla
Dog Fingers Pseudo Buddha
Wolkenreise Grobschnitt/Eroc online store (in German)
Jellyfant home of Grimble Grumble
Woronzow Bevis Frond, etc
Contact Information for many other labels, from the Forced Exposure site

MUSIC FOR SALE (but not from me!)

People I've Bought From In The Past

Rubbish Records Ozrics, recent UK festi stuff
Strange Attractors Kinksi, Vocokesh
Slippy Town Vocokesh
CDR4Less blank media and double jewel cases
Eclipse Records lots of drone
Amoeba Records in San Francisco
Groove Entertainment formerly RPM Records in Texas
Midheaven many US indie space, F/i, Vocokesh, ST-37
Aquarius Records
The End Records great Porcupine Tree prices for new releases
Fleece Records Texas home for LP4, Dunlavy, part of Soundexchange
33 Degrees Records Texas stuff at good prices
Lone Starfighter Records by Pat Reilley from Texas, Spacious Mind LP
Meteor City Kyuss and Monster Magnet desert sludge
Waterloo Records Austin-based indie store
Music Masters by Roman Lewis (wide selection but expensive)
Lost Records small mail-order only, ST-37 and Floralia comp
Thee Shop local Goth & Cleopatra store
Mother West
SouthLand CD
CD Connection
Doug Larson purveyer of inexpensive Krautrock CDs
Midnight Records unreliable as can be, expensive, last resort only
The Wild Places includes The Spacious Mind, Holy River Family Band
CD Universe (U.K.) discount mail-order
CD Zone The UK equivalent of CD Connection, postage takes about 4 weeks

People I've NOT Bought From, But Might - Some Day:

Compact Disc Services psych from the UK
Wolkenreise Grobschnitt and Eroc store blank media blank media
Big Balloon Music
Strange Attractors SubArachnoid Space, Surface of Eceon, Vocokesh
Ozit/Morpheus Records, Nik Turner
Rustic Rod psych from UK
Last Visible Dog psych noise
Drag City
Drunken Fish Records
Black Widow Records
Mutant Music Salamander
Opal Music in the UK
Time-Lag Records Charalambides, etc
Voiceprint Music Hawkwind reissues and live
Inside Out Music neo-prog
Swamp Room Records in Germany
Dragonfly Records techno from UK
Syn-Phonic Music (really slow last time I dealt with them?)
Marshead Records
Cumbersome Records Australian, carries Vegetable Man Project
Crippled Dick Hot Wax Anubian Lights
Lazy Squid Records
Rock of Ages music, posters, programmes
EurRock for Hidria Spacefolk, Ash Ra and related stuff
Greatest Hits Mailorder German site, carries Linus Pauling Quartet
Aether Records
Brainticket Records Liquid Sound Company, Mandra Gora Lightshow Society
Beta-Lactum Records Charalambides
Cheap CDs
CD Quest
CD Cellar variety of new and used indie and japanese noise
Crippled Dick Hot Wax Anubian Lights UK-based distributor
InSound Annex
Lazy Squid Records Rotten Piece, more Texas strangeness
RecordHeaven in Sweden, source for spacerock and more
Saiko Sounds trance for sale
Psyshop trance for sale, including Shpongel
PureAcidMixTapes DJ techno mix tapes source, wide GOA but expensive
Twisted Village Records krautrock at resonable prices
Relapse Records
Vintage Vinyl
Southern Records Jessamine, Godspeed-related bands
Paul's Compact Discs US neo prog, lots of Porcupine Tree/No Man
Music Cartel Orange Goblin and other stoner rock, similar to Meteor City
Aron's Records variety of used vinyl
Hippie Shake Records
Concert Posters from New Legends

A List of Music Stores by Misfit City Junction

Bandlist for many great space rock bands