This page is the main page for all Hawkwind and related information currently being hosted on this site. While a bit sparse at the moment, this page will probably collect more info as time rolls by.

Last Updated: 2013-12-12

Resources On This Site

Hawkwind Cover Art for live recordings

Hawkwind Gig List - a useful reference listing most of the live shows ever played, and who was there.

Hawkwind Live Setlists - a useful reference of track lists for individual live concerts played by Hawkwind throughout their history, up thru 1995.

Hawkwind Anthology - a scanned-in copy of the booklet that came with Hawkwind's Anthology box set (in .RTF format).

Hawkwind Family Tree - created prior to 1992 (in ASCII format).

Chart Positions - the highest positions that each Hawkwind album charted, in the UK. Compiled around 1992.

Resources On The Net

Hawkwind.com the current official site
Hawkeye on Hawkwind excellent zine by Adrian Parr
ROIO covers for Hawklog Master Series
The Attic Archives scans and cover art
PUNKCAST#2 includes RealAudio of 1997 HW shows!
Something in the Airbrush HW Weird CDs covers
Hawkwind a worldwide discography by A.Dawson; a good reference for official and live CDs
Starfarer's Hawkwind page
Hawk-U.S./Time and Space by Bob Lennon
Hawkwind HawkWorld
FinnWind HW site in Finland
HW Video Clips
Ruisrock 2004 Festival in Finland
SAF Publishing terrific Sonic Assassins book by Ian Abrahams


Bedouin official site
Huw Lloyd Langton by Huwy
Huw Lloyd Langton: On the Move by David G.
HLL Walthamstow DVD
Simon King
Adrian Wagner - Distances Between Us CD
Melodic Energy Commission
Del Dettmar (related to loss of Del's friend)
Inner City Unit by Steve Pond from ICU
Nik Turner.com

Here is a picture that Alan Davey once sent me, after I had mailed him a box of Skor candy bars.

Here is a newer pic of Alan and myself at a Gunslinger show in Sept 2011.

Last Updated: December 12, 2013