Hawkwind Shows - An Almost Complete List - 2007

This list was compiled by some dedicated Hawkfans, based on lots of research and discussion.

The key to the abbreviations used in LINE-UP are listed at the bottom of this page.

The listed DATE field is in European format "DD-MM-YYYY".

TOWN:           HALL:              DATE:        DAY:  LINE-UP:
Notting Hill    All Saints Hall    29.08.1969   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/SL
Notting Hill    All Saints Hall    26.09.1969   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/SL
London          Blaises Club       10.10.1969   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/SL
London          Pheasantry         18.10.1969   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/SL
Twickenham      Eel Pie Island     24.10.1969   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/SL
Notting Hill    All Saints Hall    30.10.1969   Thu   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/SL
Watford         Town Hall          01.11.1969   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/SL
Notting Hill    All Saints Hall    06.11.1969   Thu   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/SL
London          Town Hall          09.11.1969   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/SL
London          Marquee            24.11.1969   Mon   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/SL
Haverstock Hill Country Club       04.12.1969   Thu   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/SL
London          Revolution Club    16.12.1969   Tue   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/SL
London          Conway Hall        18.12.1969   Thu   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/SL
Chelmsford      Civic Theatre      21.12.1969   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/SL
St.Pancras      Town Hall          23.12.1969   Tue   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/SL
London          Blaises Club       30.12.1969   Tue   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/SL
London          Blarney Club       09.01.1970   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/SL
London          Blarney Club       16.01.1970   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
London          Temple             24.01.1970   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
London          Blaises Club       26.01.1970   Mon   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
Notting Hill    All Saints Hall    28.01.1970   Wed   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
London          Blarney Club       29.01.1970   Thu   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
London          Polytechnik        30.01.1970   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
Marylebone      Club 100           05.02.1970   Thu   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
Bracknell       Bridge House       09.02.1970   Mon   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
London          Roundhouse         15.02.1970   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
Marylebone      Club 100           17.02.1970   Tue   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
London          Speakeasy Club     18.02.1970   Wed   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
Aylesbury       Friars Club        23.02.1970   Mon   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
London          New Arts Lab       27.02.1970   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
Dagenham        Robin Hood         01.03.1970   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
Nags Head       High Wycombe       06.03.1970   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
Plymouth        Van Dike Club      07.03.1970   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
London          Joints Club        11.03.1970   Wed   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
Aylesbury       Friars Club        13.03.1970   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
Bishops         Stortfort College  14.03.1970   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
Chelsea         College            15.03.1970   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
Paris           Festival           29.03.1970   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
London          Speakeasy Club     06.04.1970   Mon   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
London          Roundhouse         12.04.1970   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
Hemel           Pavillon           15.04.1970   Wed   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
London          Pheasantry         18.04.1970   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
Thaxted         barn Club          25.04.1970   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
London          Railway Tavern     26.04.1970   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
Folkestone      Tafts Club         09.05.1970   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
London         School Of Economics 16.05.1970   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
Blackpool       Casino             21.05.1970   Thu   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
Brighton        Dome               22.05.1970   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
Port Talbot     Festival           23.05.1970   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
London          Roundhouse         24.05.1970   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
Kingston        Polytechnik        30.05.1970   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
London          Night Angel        16.06.1970   Tue   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
Mantorps        Festival           19.06.1970   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
Bath            Festival           26.06.1970   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
Bath            Festival           27.06.1970   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/HR/LL
Croydon         Star Hotel         10.07.1970   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/LL/CB
London          Country Club       19.07.1970   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/LL/CB
London          Church Hall        01.08.1970   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/LL/CB
London          Lyceum             02.08.1970   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/LL/CB
Durham         Winterland Ballroom 08.08.1970   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/LL/CB
Norwich         Earlham Park       14.08.1970   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/LL/CB
London          Maida Vale         18.08.1970   Tue   BR/OL/TU/DI/LL/CB
Wormwood        Festival           22.08.1970   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/LL/CB
Isle Of Wight   Festival           27.08.1970   Thu   BR/OL/TU/DI/LL/CB
Isle Of Wight   Festival           28.08.1970   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/LL/CB
Isle Of Wight   Festival           29.08.1970   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/LL/CB
Isle Of Wight   Festival           30.08.1970   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/LL/CB
Isle Of Wight   Festival           31.08.1970   Mon   BR/OL/TU/DI/LL/CB
London          Lyceum             06.09.1970   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
St.Annes        Tennis Club        12.09.1970   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Draycott        Blue Orchid        13.09.1970   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Pilton          Worthy Farm        19.09.1970   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Derby           Clouds Club        20.09.1970   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
London          At Ronnies         05.10.1970   Mon   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
London          Fagins Club        07.10.1970   Wed   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Liverpool       University         09.10.1970   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Stratford       Centre             11.10.1970   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Liverpool       Polytechnic        14.10.1970   Wed   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Islington       Pied Bull          18.10.1970   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Uxbridge        Acid Palace        22.10.1970   Thu   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
London          Polytechnic        23.10.1970   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Newark         Showground Festival 24.10.1970   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Letchworth      Seven The Leys     26.10.1970   Mon   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Salisbury       Barnet College     28.10.1970   Wed   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Birmingham      Downstairs Club    30.10.1970   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Southampton     Teaching College   31.10.1970   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
London          Paris Cinema       05.11.1970   Thu   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Epping          Wake Arms          07.11.1970   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Birmingham      Mothers Club       08.11.1970   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
London          Country Club       12.11.1970   Thu   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Wycombe         Town Hall          14.11.1970   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Chelmsford      Eyes Club          15.11.1970   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
London          Pullinger Centre   27.11.1970   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Northampton     Blisworth Hotel    29.11.1970   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
London          Temple             11.12.1970   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
London          Roundhouse         13.12.1970   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Maidston        Technical College  17.12.1970   Thu   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Letchworth      Leys               20.12.1970   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Chelmsford      Eyes Club          03.01.1971   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Slough          College            08.01.1971   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Hatfield        Breaks             10.01.1971   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
London          Marquee            26.01.1971   Tue   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
London          Harrow Inn         12.02.1971   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Colchester      Technical College  19.02.1971   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Epping          Wake Arms          21.02.1971   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Haverstock Hill Country Club       23.02.1971   Tue   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Canterbury      Darwin College     25.02.1971   Thu   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
London          Red Lion           26.02.1971   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Bromley         Technical College  27.02.1971   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Lincoln         Theatre Royal      01.03.1971   Mon   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
London          Porchester Hall    04.03.1971   Thu   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Nottingham      Polytechnic        05.03.1971   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Malvern         Winter Gardens     09.03.1971   Tue   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
London          University         12.03.1971   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Bloomsbury      College            13.03.1971   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Stevenage       Powens House       14.03.1971   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Liverpool       Stadium            20.03.1971   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
London          Marquee            22.03.1971   Mon   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
London          Technical College  25.03.1971   Thu   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Kingston        Coronation Hall    02.04.1971   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD
Epping          Wake Arms          03.04.1971   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD
London          Country Club       07.04.1971   Wed   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD
Holborn         Cornway Hall       09.04.1971   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD
London          Roundhouse         12.04.1971   Mon   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD
Redruth         Flamingo           15.04.1971   Thu   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD
Penzance        Winter Gardens     16.04.1971   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD
Watford         Kingham Hall       17.04.1971   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD
Romford         Youth House        18.04.1971   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD
London          Playhouse Theatre  19.04.1971   Mon   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD
Wood Green      Nightingale        20.04.1971   Tue   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD
London          Polytechnik        21.04.1971   Wed   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD
Hull            Brickhouse         22.04.1971   Thu   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD
London          Conway Hall        23.04.1971   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD
London          UPS Benefit        27.04.1971   Tue   BR/OL/TU/DI/CB
Penzance        St. Michels Mount  28.04.1971   Wed   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD
London          Roundhouse         02.05.1971   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD
London          Sisters Club       14.05.1971   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD
London          Elm Park Hotel     17.05.1971   Mon   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD
London          Maida Vale         19.05.1971   Wed   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD
Blackpool       Casino             21.05.1971   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD
London          Roundhouse         24.05.1971   Mon   BR/OL/TU/AD/DE
Cambridge       Corn Exchange      25.05.1971   Sun   OL/TU/AD/DE/TW
London          Sisters Club       26.05.1971   Wed   BR/OL/TU/CA/AD/DE
London          Sisters Club       27.05.1971   Thu   BR/OL/TU/CA/AD/DE
London          Sisters Club       28.05.1971   Fri   BR/OL/TU/CA/AD/DE
London          Town Hall          28.05.1971   Fri   BR/OL/TU/CA/AD/DE
Berlin          Waldbühne          01.06.1971   Tue   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD/DE
Frankfurt                          03.06.1971   Thu   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD/DE	
Darmstadt       Underground        04.06.1971   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD/DE	
Darmstadt       Otto Bernte Halle  04.06.1971   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD/DE
Düsseldorf      Philips Halle      06.06.1971   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD/DE
Romford         Youth House        17.06.1971   Thu   BR/OL/TU/CA/AD/DE
Waltham Forrest Polytechnic        19.06.1971   Sat   BR/OL/TU/AD/DE
London          Nightingale        22.06.1971   Tue   BR/OL/TU/AD/DE/MO
Glastonbury     Worthy Farm        23.06.1971   Wed   CB/OL/TU/DE/CA
London          Marquee            28.06.1971   Fri   BR/OL/TU/AD/DE
Southall        Northcote Arms     16.07.1971   Fri   BR/OL/TU/AD/DE
London          Temple             17.07.1971   Sat   BR/OL/TU/AD/DE
York            Museum Gardens     18.07.1971   Sun   BR/OL/TU/AD/DE
London          Country Club       24.07.1971   Sat   BR/OL/TU/AD/DE
Croydon         Greyhound          25.07.1971   Sun   BR/OL/TU/AD/DE
Wolverhampton   Civic Hall         26.07.1971   Mon   BR/OL/TU/AD/DE
London          Marquee            27.07.1971   Tue   BR/OL/TU/AD/DE
Twickenham      Winning Post       28.07.1971   Wed   BR/OL/TU/AD/DE
London          Under The Arches   31.07.1971   Sat   BR/OL/TU/AD/DE
Northampton     Park Festival      01.08.1971   Sun   BR/OL/TU/AD/DE
Crawley         Starlight Club     03.08.1971   Tue   BR/OL/TU/AD/DE
Bedford         Corn Exchange      04.08.1971   Wed   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD/DE
London          Under The Arches   07.08.1971   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD/DE
London          Red Lion           08.08.1971   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD/DE
High Wycombe    Town Hall          14.08.1971   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD/DE
Windsor         1832 Club          17.08.1971   Tue   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD/DE
London          Town Hall          20.08.1971   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD/DE
Truro           Tregye Festival    21.08.1971   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/AD/DE
London          Under The Arches   28.08.1971   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
London          Powis Square       01.09.1971   wed   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
London          Imperial College   03.09.1971   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Bedford         Corn Exchange      04.09.1971   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
London          Country Club       08.09.1971   Wed   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Slough          Community Centre   10.09.1971   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Duddleswell     Festival           11.09.1971   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Watford         Kingham Hall       11.09.1971   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Bexley          Black Prince       19.09.1971   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Tottenham       Spiders Club       23.09.1971   Thu   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Wimbledon       Hobbits Garden     24.09.1971   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Greenford       Oldfield Tavern    02.10.1971   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Southall        Northcote Arms     03.10.1971   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Letchworth      Seven The Leys     06.10.1971   Wed   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Slough          Community Centre   08.10.1971   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
St.Pancras      Town Hall          10.10.1971   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Potters Bar     Youth Centre       16.10.1971   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
London          Krypt              20.10.1971   Wed   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Bradford        St.Georges Hall    22.10.1971   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Cambridge       Dorothy Ballroom   27.10.1971   Wed   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Tolworth        Toby Jack          28.10.1971   Thu   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
London          Harrow Inn         29.10.1971   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Southampton     Teaching College   31.10.1971   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
London          Surrey Rooms       01.11.1971   Mon   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
London          University College 06.11.1971   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Barry           Memorial Hall      11.11.1971   Thu   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Bath            University         12.11.1971   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Walthamstow     College            13.11.1971   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Brighton        Dome               15.11.1971   Mon   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Chatham         Central Hall       18.11.1971   Thu   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Middlesex       Technical College  19.11.1971   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Luton           College            20.11.1971   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Swansea         University         26.11.1971   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Ewell           Polytechnic        27.11.1971   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
London          Town Hall          02.12.1971   Thu   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Birmingham      Kinetic Playground 03.12.1971   Fri   BR/TW/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Boston          Starlight Rooms    04.12.1971   Sat   BR/TW/TU/DI/LE/DE
Manchester      Trade Hall         05.12.1971   Sun   BR/TW/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Glasgow                            07.12.1971   Tue   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Aberdeen        Cowdray Hall       08.12.1971   Wed   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Leytonstone     Chez Club          10.12.1971   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Devices         Starkers Club      11.12.1971   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Wellington      Town House         16.12.1971   Thu   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Bracknell       Sports Centre      18.12.1971   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Croydon         Greyhound          19.12.1971   Sun   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Paris           Olympia            20.12.1971   Mon   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Canterbury      St.Thomas Hall     22.12.1971   Wed   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
London          Seymour Hall       23.12.1971   Thu   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Wallington      Public Hall        30.12.1971   Thu   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Canterbury      St.Thomas Hall     08.01.1972   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Wolverhampton   Civic Hall         10.01.1972   Mon   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Slough          Community Centre   14.01.1972   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Barnstaple      Queensway Hall     21.01.1972   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Bognor          Rex Ballroom       26.01.1972   Wed   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Farnborough     Open Road          29.01.1972   Sat   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
Colchester      Technical College  01.02.1972   Tue   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
London          Bumpers            02.02.1972   Wed   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE
New Cross       Goldsmith College  11.02.1972   Fri   BR/OL/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA/KI
Watford         Technical College  12.02.1972   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
London          Roundhouse         13.02.1972   Sun   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Glastonbury     Town Hall          16.02.1972   Wed   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Edinburgh       Rock Factory       18.02.1972   Fri   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Redcar          Redcar Jazz Club   20.02.1972   Sun   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
York            University         25.02.1972   Fri   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Croydon         Greyhound          27.02.1972   Sun   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Watford         Town Hall          13.03.1972   Mon   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Manchester      Trade Hall         17.03.1972   Fri   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Ramsgate                           23.03.1972   Thu   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Margate         Dreamland Ballroom 24.03.1972   Fri   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Dagenham        Village Roundhouse 25.03.1972   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Bristol         Boobs Club         29.03.1972   Wed   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Liverpool       Stadium            01.04.1972   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Aldermaston     Festival           03.04.1972   Mon   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
London          Under The Arches   04.04.1972   Tue   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
London          Polytechnic        21.04.1972   Fri   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Aylesbury       Friars Club        22.04.1972   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Bickershaw      Festival           05.05.1972   Fri   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Newcastle       City Hall          10.05.1972   Wed   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
London          Roundhouse         11.05.1972   Thu   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Birmingham      Town Hall          12.05.1972   Fri   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Cambridge       Corn Exchange      13.05.1972   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Amsterdam       Paradiso           19.05.1972   Fri   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Dsseldorf      Festival           20.05.1972   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Berlin          Waldbhne          21.05.1972   Sun   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Rom             Festival           23.05.1972   Tue   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Triest          Festival           24.05.1972   Wed   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Devizes         Poperama           02.06.1972   Fri   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Dagenham        Village Roundhouse 03.06.1972   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Bath            Arts Festival      04.06.1972   Sun   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Kings Cross     Cinema             09.06.1972   Fri   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Oxford          Polytechnic        10.06.1972   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Brighton        University         11.06.1972   Sun   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Glastonbury     Festival           22.06.1972   Thu   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Trentishoe      Festival           28.06.1972   Wed   BR/KI/TU/LE
Sheffield       University         29.06.1972   Thu   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Wellingborough  Rock               01.07.1972   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Guildford       Civic Hall         02.07.1972   Sun   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Norwich         St.Andrews Hall    03.07.1972   Mon   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Dunstable       Civic Hall         07.07.1972   Fri   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Kingston        Polytechnik        08.07.1972   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Cheltenham      Park Festival      08.07.1972   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Kingston        Polytechnik        09.07.1972   Sun   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Bristol         Locarno            10.07.1972   Mon   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Cheltenham     Sandford Mills Park 15.07.1972   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Boscombe        Royal Ballroom     20.07.1972   Thu   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Southampton     Guild Hall         21.07.1972   Fri   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
London          Rainbow            23.07.1972   Sun   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Worthing        Assembly Hall      26.07.1972   Wed   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Hastings        Pier Pavillon      27.07.1972   Thu   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
London          Maida Vale         02.08.1972   Wed   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Hastings        Pier Pavillon      03.08.1972   Thu   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Margate         Dreamland Ballroom 04.08.1972   Fri   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Boscombe        Royal Ballroom     10.08.1972   Thu   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Southampton     Guild Hall         11.08.1972   Fri   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
London          Rainbow            13.08.1972   Sun   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Torquay         Town Hall          16.08.1972   Wed   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Penzance        The Garden         17.08.1972   Thu   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Barnstaple      Queensway Hall     18.08.1972   Fri   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Plymouth        Guild Hall         19.08.1972   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Dagenham        Village Roundhouse 02.09.1972   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Croydon         Greyhound          03.09.1972   Sun   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Tunbridge Wells Assembly Hall      04.09.1972   Mon   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Amsterdam       Paradiso           09.09.1972   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Essen           Gruga Halle        10.09.1972   Sun   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Berlin          Waldbühne          11.09.1972   Mon   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
Rom             Festival           13.09.1972   Wed   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
London         Oval Cricket Ground 16.09.1972   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Cambridge       Corn Exchange      22.09.1972   Fri   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Windsor         Home Park          23.09.1972   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
London          Paris Cinema       28.09.1972   Thu   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Liverpool       Stadium            30.09.1972   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Mile End        Sundown            05.10.1972   Thu   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Leicester       University         07.10.1972   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Lausanne        Theater Municipal  28.10.1972   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Lutzern                            29.10.1972   Sun   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Lille                              31.10.1972   Mon   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Paris           Olympia            01.11.1972   Tue   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE
Kings Lynn      Corn Exchange      08.11.1972   Wed   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Dunstable       Queensway Hall     09.11.1972   Thu   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Portsmouth      Guild Hall         11.11.1972   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
York            University         16.11.1972   Thu   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Lancaster       University         17.11.1972   Fri   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Leeds           University         18.11.1972   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Bristol         Locarno            19.11.1972   Sun   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Norwich         St.Andrews Hall    21.11.1972   Tue   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Glasgow         Apollo             23.11.1972   Thu   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Aberdeen        Music Hall         24.11.1972   Fri   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Edinburgh       Empire             25.11.1972   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Manchester      Hardrock           26.11.1972   Sun   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Hanley          Victoria Hall      28.11.1972   Tue   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Oxford          New Theatre        30.11.1972   Thu   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Exeter          University         01.12.1972   Fri   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Bournemouth     Winter Gardens     03.12.1972   Sun   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Sheffield       City Hall          05.12.1972   Tue   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Derby           Kings Hall         07.12.1972   Thu   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Margate         Dreamland Ballroom 08.12.1972   Fri   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Bracknell       Sports Centre      09.12.1972   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Liverpool       Stadium            12.12.1972   Tue   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Bradford        St.Georges Hall    13.12.1972   Wed   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Middlesborough  Town Hall          14.12.1972   Thu   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Newcastle       City Hall          15.12.1972   Fri   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Preston         Guild Hall         16.12.1972   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Wolverhampton   Civic Hall         18.12.1972   Mon   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Swansea         Patty Hall         19.12.1972   Tue   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Blackburn       King George Hall   21.12.1972   Thu   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Liverpool       Stadium            22.12.1972   Fri   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Sunderland      Locarno            23.12.1972   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Edmonton        Sundown            29.12.1972   Fri   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Brixton         Sundown            30.12.1972   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA/TW
Manchester      Hardrock           01.02.1973   Thu   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
London          Wandsworth Prison  07.02.1973   Wed   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Glasgow         Apollo             09.02.1973   Fri   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Carlisle        Market Hall        11.02.1973   Sun   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Cardiff         Capitol            15.02.1973   Thu   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Brighton        Top Rank           16.02.1973   Fri   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Southend        Kursal             17.02.1973   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Birmingham      Odeon              18.02.1973   Sun   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Bremen                             23.02.1973   Fri   BR/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Düsseldorf      Philips Halle      24.02.1973   Sat   BR/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Berlin                             25.02.1973   Sun   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Rom             Festival           27.02.1973   Tue   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Belfast         University         08.03.1973   Thu   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Dublin          National Stadium   10.03.1973   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Limerick        Savoy Theatre      12.03.1973   Mon   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Cork            Savoy Theatre      13.03.1973   Tue   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Amsterdam       Paradiso           31.03.1973   Sat   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/CA
Sittard         Stadschouwburg     01.04.1973   Sun   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/CA
Glasgow         Apollo             09.04.1973   Mon   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/CA
Cambridge       Corn Exchange      13.04.1973   Fri   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Swansea         Top Rank           18.04.1973   Wed   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/CA
Douglas         Palace Lido        22.04.1973   Sun   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/CA
Bremen                             26.04.1973   Thu   BR/KI/TU
Dortmund        Westfalenhalle 3   27.04.1973   Fri   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/CA
Hamburg         Musik Halle        28.04.1973   Sat   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/CA
Mannheim        Eisstadion         29.04.1973   Sun   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/CA
München                            03.05.1973   Thu   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/CA
Nürnberg                           04.05.1973   Fri   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/CA
London          Stadium            27.05.1973   Sun   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Guildford       Civic Hall         20.06.1973   Wed   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Guildford       Civic Hall         21.06.1973   Thu   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Leeds           Queens Hall        22.06.1973   Fri   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Swansea         Top Rank           25.06.1973   Mon   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Plymouth        Guild Hall         26.06.1973   Tue   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Barnstaple      Queensway Hall     27.06.1973   Wed   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Bristol         Locarno            28.06.1973   Thu   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Redruth         Flamingo           29.06.1973   Fri   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Torquay         Town Hall          30.06.1973   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Bletchley       Sports Centre      07.07.1973   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Bristol         Locarno            08.07.1973   Sun   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Wolverhampton   Civic Hall         09.07.1973   Mon   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Guildford       Civic Hall         10.07.1973   Tue   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Kings Lynn      Corn Exchange      11.07.1973   Wed   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Liverpool       Stadium            14.07.1973   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Leicester       DeMontfort Hall    16.07.1973   Mon   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Salisbury       City Hall          17.07.1973   Tue   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Amsterdam       Paradiso           19.07.1973   Thu   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Holland                            20.07.1973   Fri   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Rotterdam       Doelen             21.07.1973   Sat   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Southampton     Top Rank           25.07.1973   Wed   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA/MO
Bath            Pavillon           27.07.1973   Fri   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Reading         Top Rank           29.07.1973   Sun   BR/KI/TU/DI/LE/DE/CA
Worthing        Assembly Hall      22.08.1973   Wed   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Windsor         Home Park          25.08.1973   Sat   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Torquay         Town Hall          29.08.1973   Wed   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Truro           City Hall          30.08.1973   Thu   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Hastings        Pier Pavillon      01.09.1973   Sat   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Croydon         Fairfields Hall    02.09.1973   Sun   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
London          St.Pancras Hall    03.09.1973   Mon   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Malvern         Winter Gardens     07.09.1973   Fri   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Bergen                             12.09.1973   Wed   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Oslo            Chateau Neuf       13.09.1973   Thu   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Sweden                             14.09.1973   Fri   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Götheborg       Scandinavium       15.09.1973   Sat   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Gillingham      Classic Cinema     20.09.1973   Thu   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Harlow          Park Festival      22.09.1973   Sat   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Amsterdam       Paradiso           28.09.1973   Fri   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Kortrijk        Town Hall          29.09.1973   Sat   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Paris           Olympia            11.10.1973   Thu   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Zürich          Volkshaus          12.10.1973   Fri   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Chatham         Central Hall       13.11.1973   Tue   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Philadelphia    Tower Theatre      23.11.1973   Fri   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
New York        Academy Of Music   25.11.1973   Sun   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Chicago         Auditorium Theatre 26.11.1973   Mon   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Akron           University         27.11.1973   Tue   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Detroit         Ford Auditorium    28.11.1973   Wed   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
St.Louis        American Theatre   01.12.1973   Sat   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
St.Louis        American Theatre   02.12.1973   Sun   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Denver                             03.12.1973   Mon   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Los Angeles     Auditorium         05.12.1973   Wed   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
San Francisco                      06.12.1973   Thu   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Manchester      Trade Hall         10.12.1973   Mon   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Newcastle       City Hall          11.12.1973   Tue   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Bracknell       Sports Centre      15.12.1973   Sat   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Birmingham      Odeon              16.12.1973   Sun   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Bradford        St.Georges Hall    17.12.1973   Mon   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Aberdeen        Music Hall         19.12.1973   Wed   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Perth           Music Hall         20.12.1973   Thu   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Glasgow         Apollo             21.12.1973   Fri   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Edinburgh       Empire             22.12.1973   Sat   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Carlisle        Market Hall        23.12.1973   Sun   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Blackburn       King George Hall   01.01.1974   Tue   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Leicester       DeMontfort Hall    02.01.1974   Wed   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Portsmouth      Guild Hall         03.01.1974   Thu   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Southend        Kursal             05.01.1974   Sat   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Oxford          New Theatre        06.01.1974   Sun   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Dunstable       Queensway Hall     10.01.1974   Thu   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Clackton        Town Hall          11.01.1974   Fri   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Liverpool       Stadium            12.01.1974   Sat   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Norwich         St.Andrews Hall    16.01.1974   Wed   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Cheltenham      Town Hall          17.01.1974   Thu   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Derby           Kings Hall         18.01.1974   Fri   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Bournemouth     Winter Gardens     19.01.1974   Sat   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/CA
Bristol         Hippodrome         20.01.1974   Sun   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Guildford       Civic Hall         23.01.1974   Wed   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Edmonton        Sundown            25.01.1974   Fri   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/HO
Edmonton        Sundown            26.01.1974   Sat   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/CA/HO
Wolverhampton   Civic Hall         28.01.1974   Mon   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Swansea         Brangwyn Theatre   31.01.1974   Thu   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Plymouth        Guild Hall         01.02.1974   Fri   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Dublin          National Stadium   04.02.1974   Mon   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Belfast         Whitla Hall        05.02.1974   Tue   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Belfast         Whitla Hall        06.02.1974   Wed   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Lancester       University         08.02.1974   Fri   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Leeds           University         09.02.1974   Sat   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Blackburn       King George Hall   10.02.1974   Sun   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Brighton        Top Rank           16.02.1974   Sat   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Southend        Kursal             17.02.1974   Sun   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Birmingham      Odeon              18.02.1974   Mon   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE
Los Angeles                        01.03.1974   Fri   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/HO
Santa Monica    Auditorium         02.03.1974   Sat   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/HO
San Diego       JJ Club            03.03.1974   Sun   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/HO
San Francisco   Auditorium         07.03.1974   Thu   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/HO
Berkeley        University         10.03.1974   Sun   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/HO
Kansas City     Soldiers & Sailors 15.03.1974   Fri   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/HO
St.Louis        Auditorium         16.03.1974   Sat   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/HO
Milwaukee       Riverside Theatre  19.03.1974   Tue   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/HO
Chicago         Auditorium Theatre 21.03.1974   Thu   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/HO
Cleveland       Allen Theatre      22.03.1974   Fri   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/HO
Detroit         Palace             23.03.1974   Sat   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/HO
South Bend      Morris Auditorium  24.03.1974   Sun   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/HO
Atlanta         Electric Ballroom  29.03.1974   Fri   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/HO
Nashville                          02.04.1974   Tue   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/HO
Philadelphia    Tower Theatre      05.04.1974   Fri   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/HO
New York        Steins Academy     06.04.1974   Sat   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/HO
Baltimore       Latin Casino       07.04.1974   Sun   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/HO
Boston          Orpheum Auditorium 08.04.1974   Mon   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/HO
Buffalo                            10.04.1974   Wed   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/HO
Washington      Warner Theatre     13.04.1974   Sat   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/HO
Montreal                           14.04.1974   Sun   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/HO
Toronto         Massey Hall        15.04.1974   Mon   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/HO
Sindelfingen    Messehalle         09.06.1974   Sun   BR/PO/TU/LE/DE/HO
Bonn            Underground        11.06.1974   Tue   BR/PO/TU/LE/DE/HO
Marrum          Festival           20.06.1974   Thu   BR/PO/TU/LE/DE/HO
Groningen       Cultureel Centrum  21.06.1974   Fri   BR/PO/TU/LE/DE/HO
Arnheim         Stokvishal         22.06.1974   Sat   BR/PO/TU/LE/DE/HO
Den Haag        Congresgebouw      24.06.1974   Mon   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/HO/PO
Amsterdam       Concertgebouw      25.06.1974   Tue   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/HO/PO/MT
Rotterdam       Doelen             26.06.1974   Wed   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/HO/PO
Paris           Olympia            01.07.1974   Mon   BR/KI/TU/LE/DE/HO/PO
Harlow          Park Festival      10.08.1974   Sat   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO/MO/CA
Bristol         Festival           11.08.1974   Sun   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Windsor         Home Park          28.08.1974   Wed   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Detroit         Ford Auditorium    01.09.1974   Sun   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Cleveland       Allen Theatre      04.09.1974   Wed   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Chicago         Auditorium Theatre 05.09.1974   Thu   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Milwaukee       Riverside Theatre  06.09.1974   Fri   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO/MT
Hammond         Civic Center       07.09.1974   Sat   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
St.Louis        Auditorium         15.10.1974   Tue   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Chicago         Auditorium         28.10.1974   Mon   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Chicago         Palace             30.10.1974   Wed   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Detroit         Theatre            31.10.1974   Thu   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
New York        Academy Of Music   02.11.1974   Sat   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Belgien                            16.11.1974   Sat   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Belgien                            17.11.1974   Sun   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Belgien                            18.11.1974   Mon   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Paris           Olympia            23.11.1974   Sat   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Lyon            Palais D'Hiver     27.11.1974   Wed   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Marseille                          29.11.1974   Fri   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Newcastle       City Hall          12.12.1974   Thu   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Glasgow         Apollo             13.12.1974   Fri   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Manchester      Palace Theatre     14.12.1974   Sat   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Birmingham      Odeon              15.12.1974   Sun   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Southend        Kursal             21.12.1974   Sat   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Cardiff         Capitol            07.01.1975   Tue   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Wolverhampton   Civic Hall         09.01.1975   Thu   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Birmingham      Odeon              10.01.1975   Fri   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Bournemouth     Winter Gardens     11.01.1975   Sat   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Paignton        Festival Theatre   12.01.1975   Sun   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Watford         Town Hall          13.01.1975   Mon   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Southampton     Gaumont            14.01.1975   Tue   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Liverpool       Stadium            18.01.1975   Sat   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Oxford          New Theatre        19.01.1975   Sun   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Derby           Kings Hall         23.01.1975   Thu   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Clackton        Town Hall          24.01.1975   Fri   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Bracknell       Sports Centre      25.01.1975   Sat   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Norwich         Theatre Royal      26.01.1975   Sun   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Leicester       DeMontfort Hall    30.01.1975   Thu   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Lancaster       University         31.01.1975   Fri   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Leeds           University         01.02.1975   Sat   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Coventry        Theatre            02.02.1975   Sun   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Malvern         Winter Gardens     06.02.1975   Thu   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
London          Eastham            07.02.1975   Fri   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Cambridge       Corn Exchange      08.02.1975   Sat   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
London          Hammersmith Odeon  09.02.1975   Sun   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
London          Hammersmith Odeon  10.02.1975   Mon   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Bradford        St.Georges Hall    12.02.1975   Wed   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Halifax         Civic Hall         13.02.1975   Thu   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Chatham         Central Hall       15.02.1975   Sat   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
London          Roundhouse         16.02.1975   Sun   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Guildford       Civic Hall         23.02.1975   Sun   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Worthing        Assembly Hall      24.02.1975   Mon   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Yeovil          Johnson Hall       12.04.1975   Sat   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Dunstable       Queensway Hall     13.04.1975   Sun   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
St. Louis       Auditorium         29.04.1975   Tue   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Chicago         Auditorium         07.05.1975   Wed   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Cleveland       Allen Theatre      09.05.1975   Fri   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Detroit         Ford Auditorium    10.05.1975   Sat   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Toronto         Convocation Hall   18.05.1975   Sun   BR/LE/KI/TU/HO/PO
Indianapolis    Rivoli Theatre     22.05.1975   Thu   BR/RU/KI/TU/HO/PO
Mainz           Elzer Hof          01.06.1975   Sun   BR/RU/KI/TU/HO/PO
Saarbrücken     Uni Aula           04.06.1975   Wed   BR/RU/KI/TU/HO/PO
Bensberg        Sägemühle          05.06.1975   Thu   BR/RU/KI/TU/HO/PO
Duisburg        Audimax            06.06.1975   Fri   BR/RU/KI/TU/HO/PO
Siegen          Stadtbühne         07.06.1975   Sat   BR/RU/KI/TU/HO/PO
Bonn            Stadthalle         08.06.1975   Sun   BR/RU/KI/TU/HO/PO
München      Theater Brienenstraße 10.06.1975   Tue   BR/RU/KI/TU/HO/PO
Frick                              15.06.1975   Sun   BR/RU/KI/TU/HO/PO
Brussels                           18.06.1975   Wed   BR/RU/KI/TU/HO/PO
Bordeaux        Sports Palace      19.06.1975   Thu   BR/RU/KI/TU/HO/PO
Poitiers        Arena              20.06.1975   Fri   BR/RU/KI/TU/HO/PO
Nantes          Exhibition Hall    21.06.1975   Sat   BR/RU/KI/TU/HO/PO
Paris           Bastille           22.06.1975   Sun   BR/RU/KI/TU/HO/PO
Touluse                            23.06.1975   Sun   BR/RU/KI/TU/HO/PO
Metz                               25.06.1975   Wed   BR/RU/KI/TU/HO/PO
Dijon                              27.06.1975   Fri   BR/RU/KI/TU/HO/PO
Newcastle       Mayfair            25.07.1975   Fri   BR/RU/KI/TU/HO/PO
Liverpool       Stadium            26.07.1975   Sat   BR/RU/KI/TU/HO/PO
Torquay         Town Hall          01.08.1975   Fri   BR/RU/KI/TU/HO/PO
Truro           Plaza              03.08.1975   Sun   BR/RU/KI/TU/HO/PO
Sunderland      City Hall          08.08.1975   Fri   BR/RU/KI/TU/HO/PO
Edinburgh       Usher Hall         09.08.1975   Sat   BR/RU/KI/TU/HO/PO
Glasgow         Apollo             10.08.1975   Sun   BR/RU/KI/TU/HO/PO
Reading         Festival           22.08.1975   Fri   BR/RU/KI/TU/HO/PO/CA/MT
Watchfield      Festival           23.08.1975   Sat   BR/RU/TU/PO
Lund            Olympen            04.09.1975   Thu   BR/RU/TU/PO/KI/HO
Cambrai                            07.09.1975   Sun   BR/RU/TU/PO/KI/HO
Reims           Opera              23.09.1975   Tue   BR/RU/TU/PO/KI/HO
Maastricht      Staargebouw        26.09.1975   Fri   BR/RU/TU/PO/KI/HO
Venlo           Concertgebouw      27.09.1975   Sat   BR/RU/TU/PO/KI/HO
Assen           De Kolk            28.09.1975   Sun   BR/RU/TU/PO/KI/HO
Lüneburg                           03.10.1975   Wed   BR/RU/TU/PO/KI/HO
Stuttgart       Gustav Siegle Haus 05.10.1975   Sun   BR/RU/TU/PO/KI/HO
Birmingham      Bingly Hall        12.12.1975   Fri   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Southend        Kursal             13.12.1975   Sat   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Reading         Top Rank           14.12.1975   Sun   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Cardiff         Top Rank           16.12.1975   Tue   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Uxbridge        Brunel University  17.12.1975   Wed   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Ipswich         Gaumont            18.12.1975   Thu   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Norwich         St.Andrews Hall    19.12.1975   Fri   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Edmonton        Picketts Lock      20.12.1975   Sat   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Southampton     Top Rank           21.12.1975   Sun   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Salford         University         05.03.1976   Fri   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
London          Imperial College   06.03.1976   Sat   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Malvern         Winter Gardens     09.03.1976   Tue   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Bournemouth     Winter Gardens     12.03.1976   Fri   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Sheffield       University         13.03.1976   Sat   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Preston         Guild Hall         14.03.1976   Sun   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Barnstaple      Queensway Hall     10.07.1976   Sat   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Cardiff         Castle             24.07.1976   Sat   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Sheffield       City Hall          15.09.1976   Wed   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Birmingham      Odeon              16.09.1976   Thu   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Liverpool       Empire             17.09.1976   Fri   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Manchester      Palace Theatre     18.09.1976   Sat   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Newcastle       City Hall          19.09.1976   Sun   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Edinburgh       Usher Hall         20.09.1976   Mon   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Glasgow         Apollo             21.09.1976   Tue   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Aberdeen        Capitol            22.09.1976   Wed   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Oxford          New Theatre        25.09.1976   Sat   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Cardiff         Capitol            26.09.1976   Sun   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Bristol         Colston Hall       27.09.1976   Mon   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Guildford       Civic Hall         28.09.1976   Tue   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Dunstable       Queensway Hall     30.09.1976   Thu   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Southampton     Gaumont            01.10.1976   Fri   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Ipswich         Gaumont            02.10.1976   Sat   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Leicester       DeMontfort Hall    04.10.1976   Mon   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
London          Hammersmith Odeon  05.10.1976   Tue   BR/RU/TU/PO/CA/KI/HO
Wolverhampton   Civic Hall         06.12.1976   Mon   BR/RU/CA/KI/HO
Aylesbury       Vale Hall          07.12.1976   Tue   BR/RU/CA/KI/HO
Coventry        Theatre            09.12.1976   Thu   BR/RU/CA/KI/HO
Cambridge       Corn Exchange      10.12.1976   Fri   BR/RU/CA/KI/HO
Southend        Kursal             11.12.1976   Sat   BR/RU/CA/KI/HO
Bournemouth     Winter Gardens     12.12.1976   Sun   BR/RU/CA/KI/HO
Bracknell       Sports Centre      18.12.1976   Sat   BR/RU/CA/KI/HO
London          Lewisham Odeon     19.12.1976   Sun   BR/RU/CA/KI/HO
London          Roundhouse         27.02.1977   Sun   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Amsterdam       Paradiso           11.03.1977   Fri   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Hoensbroek      Luxor Palace       12.03.1977   Sat   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Vlaardingen     Lijnbaanhallen     13.03.1977   Sun   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Dortmund        Westfalenhalle     14.03.1977   Mon   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Hamburg         Markthalle         15.03.1977   Tue   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Kln            Sartorysaal        16.03.1977   Wed   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Essen           Aula der PH        17.03.1977   Thu   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Kassel          Stadthalle         18.03.1977   Fri   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Holzminden      Stadthalle         19.03.1977   Sat   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Berlin          Kant Kino          20.03.1977   Sun   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Berlin          Kant Kino          21.03.1977   Mon   BR/??/CA/KI/HO
Besancon        Palais des Sportes 21.04.1977   Thu   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Lyon            Bourse du Travail  22.04.1977   Fri   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Paris           Salle Pleyel       23.04.1977   Sat   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Reims           Opera              25.04.1977   Mon   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Rubaix          Le Colisee         26.04.1977   Tue   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Birmingham      Town Hall          03.06.1977   Fri   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Preston         Guild Hall         06.06.1977   Mon   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Bradford        St.Georges Hall    07.06.1977   Tue   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Stoke On Trent  Victoria Hall      08.06.1977   Wed   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Camden          Music Machine      10.06.1977   Fri   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Camden          Music Machine      11.06.1977   Sat   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Slough          Fulcrum Centre     15.06.1977   Wed   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Bridlington     Royal Hall         17.06.1977   Fri   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Hastings        Pier Pavillon      18.06.1977   Sat   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Dunstable       Queensway Hall     19.06.1977   Sun   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Stonehenge      Festival           21.06.1977   Tue   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Monkton Farleigh Festival          16.07.1977   Sat   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Caithness       Festival           20.08.1977   Sat   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Caithness       Festival           21.08.1977   Sun   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Reading         Festival           28.08.1977   Sun   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
London          Marc Bolan Show    14.09.1977   Wed   SH/CA/KI/HO
Manchester      Palace Theatre     16.09.1977   Fri   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Liverpool       Empire             17.09.1977   Sat   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Glasgow         Apollo             18.09.1977   Sun   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Edinburgh       Usher Hall         19.09.1977   Mon   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Newcastle       City Hall          20.09.1977   Tue   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Wolverhampton   Civic Hall         21.09.1977   Wed   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Bradford        St.Georges Hall    22.09.1977   Thu   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Sheffield       City Hall          23.09.1977   Fri   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Croydon         Fairfields Hall    25.09.1977   Sun   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Birmingham      Odeon              26.09.1977   Mon   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Ipswich         Gaumont            27.09.1977   Tue   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Dunstable       Queensway Hall     28.09.1977   Wed   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Leicester       DeMontfort Hall    29.09.1977   Thu   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Oxford          New Theatre        30.09.1977   Fri   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Bristol         Hippodrome         03.10.1977   Mon   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Southampton     Gaumont            04.10.1977   Tue   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
London          Hammersmith Odeon  05.10.1977   Wed   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
West Runton     Pavillon           07.10.1977   Fri   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Carlisle        Market Hall        13.10.1977   Thu   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Lancaster       University         14.10.1977   Fri   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Pau             Exhibition Hall    21.10.1977   Fri   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Reims           Opera              22.10.1977   Sat   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Paris           Palais des Sportes 26.10.1977   Wed   BR/SH/CA/KI/HO
Barnstaple      Queensway Hall     23.12.1977   Fri   BR/BA/CA/GR/HS
Boston          Paradise Club      04.03.1978   Sat   BR/CA/HO/KI/SH
New York        Bottom Line        06.03.1978   Mon   BR/CA/HO/KI/SH
New York        Bottom Line        06.03.1978   Mon   BR/CA/HO/KI/SH
New York        Bottom Line        07.03.1978   Tue   BR/CA/HO/KI/SH
New York        Bottom Line        07.03.1978   Tue   BR/CA/HO/KI/SH
Milwaukee       Electric Ballroom  10.03.1978   Fri   BR/CA/HO/KI/SH
Chicago         Riverside Theatre  12.03.1978   Sun   BR/CA/HO/KI/SH
Belleville      Ricos Place        14.03.1978   Tue   BR/CA/HS/KI/SH
Philadelphia    Tower Theatre      17.03.1978   Fri   BR/CA/HS/KI/SH
Los Angeles     Starwood Club      22.03.1978   Wed   BR/CA/HS/KI/SH
Los Angeles     Starwood Club      23.03.1978   Thu   BR/CA/HS/KI/SH
Los Angeles     Starwood Club      24.03.1978   Fri   BR/CA/HS/KI/SH
Los Angeles     Starwood Club      25.03.1978   Sat   BR/CA/HS/KI/SH
San Francisco   Old Waldorf        27.03.1978   Mon   BR/CA/HS/KI/SH
San Francisco   Old Waldorf        27.03.1978   Mon   BR/CA/HS/KI/SH
San Francisco   Old Waldorf        28.03.1978   Tue   BR/CA/HS/KI/SH
San Francisco   Old Waldorf        28.03.1978   Tue   BR/CA/HS/KI/SH
Oxford          New Theatre        06.10.1978   Fri   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Manchester      Apollo             07.10.1978   Sat   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Liverpool       Empire             08.10.1978   Sun   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Edinburgh       Usher Hall         09.10.1978   Mon   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Newcastle       City Hall          10.10.1978   Tue   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Middlesborough  Town Hall          11.10.1978   Wed   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
London          Hammersmith Odeon  13.10.1978   Fri   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR/LE
Milton Keynes   Leisure Centre     14.10.1978   Sat   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Croydon         Fairfields Hall    15.10.1978   Sun   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Portsmouth      Guild Hall         16.10.1978   Mon   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Birmingham      Odeon              17.10.1978   Tue   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Dunstable       Queensway Hall     18.10.1978   Wed   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Blackburn       King George Hall   19.10.1978   Thu   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Bristol         Colston Hall       20.10.1978   Fri   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
St.Albans       City Hall          21.10.1978   Sat   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Ipswich         Gaumont            22.10.1978   Sun   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Leicester       DeMontfort Hall    23.10.1978   Mon   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Sheffield       City Hall          24.10.1978   Tue   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Bradford        St.Georges Hall    25.10.1978   Wed   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Leeds           Queens Hall        26.10.1978   Thu   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Stoke On Trent  Victoria Hall      27.10.1978   Fri   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Paignton        Festival Theatre   28.10.1978   Sat   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Poole           Wessex Hall        29.10.1978   Sun   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Malvern         Winter Gardens     02.11.1978   Thu   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Cambridge       Corn Exchange      03.11.1978   Fri   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Illford         Gants Hill Odeon   04.11.1978   Sat   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Reading         Hexagon            05.11.1978   Sun   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Cardiff         University         06.11.1978   Mon   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Gloucester      Leisure Centre     08.11.1978   Wed   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Folkestone      Leas Cliff Hall    09.11.1978   Thu   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Derby           Assembly Rooms     10.11.1978   Fri   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Nottingham      Rock City          11.11.1978   Sat   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Hemel           Pavillon           13.11.1978   Mon   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Glasgow         Apollo             15.11.1978   Wed   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Carlisle        Market Hall        16.11.1978   Thu   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Lancaster       University         17.11.1978   Fri   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Blackburn       King George Hall   19.11.1978   Sun   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Wolverhampton   Civic Hall         22.11.1978   Wed   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Plymouth        Polytechnic        23.11.1978   Thu   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Uxbridge        Brunel University  24.11.1978   Fri   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Hastings        Pier Pavillon      25.11.1978   Sat   BR/BA/CA/SW/GR
Leeds           Festival           09.09.1979   Sun   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI/TU
Manchester      Apollo             15.11.1979   Thu   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
Liverpool       Empire             16.11.1979   Fri   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
Edinburgh       Odeon              17.11.1979   Sat   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
Glasgow         Apollo             18.11.1979   Sun   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
Newcastle       City Hall          19.11.1979   Mon   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
Sheffield       City Hall          20.11.1979   Tue   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
Wolverhampton   Civic Hall         21.11.1979   Wed   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
Birmingham      Odeon              22.11.1979   Thu   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
Oxford          New Theatre        23.11.1979   Fri   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
Bristol         Colston Hall       25.11.1979   Sun   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
Southampton     Gaumont            26.11.1979   Mon   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
Bradford        St.Georges Hall    27.11.1979   Tue   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
Paignton        Festival Theatre   29.11.1979   Thu   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
Bridlington     Royal Hall         30.11.1979   Fri   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
London          Hammersmith Odeon  01.12.1979   Sat   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
London          Hammersmith Odeon  02.12.1979   Sun   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
Leicester       DeMontfort Hall    03.12.1979   Mon   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
Ipswich         Gaumont            04.12.1979   Tue   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
Brighton        Centre             05.12.1979   Wed   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
Preston         Guild Hall         06.12.1979   Thu   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
Uxbrigde        Brunel University  07.12.1979   Fri   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
St.Albans       City Hall          08.12.1979   Sat   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
Cardiff         Sophia Gardens     09.12.1979   Sun   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
Swansea         Brangwyn Theatre   10.12.1979   Mon   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
Keele           University         12.12.1979   Wed   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
Camden          Electric Ballroom  28.12.1979   Fri   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
Camden          Electric Ballroom  29.12.1979   Sat   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI/LE
West Runton     Pavillon           11.07.1980   Fri   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
Folkestone      Leas Cliff Hall    12.07.1980   Sat   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
London          Lyceum             13.07.1980   Sun   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
London          Lyceum             20.07.1980   Sun   BR/BA/LL/BL/KI
Manchester      Apollo             10.10.1980   Fri   BR/BA/LL/BL/BK
Liverpool       Empire             11.10.1980   Sat   BR/BA/LL/BL/BK
Derby           Assembly Rooms     12.10.1980   Sun   BR/BA/LL/BL/BK
Sheffield       City Hall          13.10.1980   Mon   BR/BA/LL/BL/BK
Birmingham      Odeon              14.10.1980   Tue   BR/BA/LL/BL/BK
Ipswich         Gaumont            15.10.1980   Wed   BR/BA/LL/BL/BK
Gloucester      Leisure Centre     16.10.1980   Thu   BR/BA/LL/BL/BK
Hanley          Victoria Hall      17.10.1980   Fri   BR/BA/LL/BL/BK
Oxford          Apollo             19.10.1980   Sun   BR/BA/LL/BK/TK
Preston         Guild Hall         20.10.1980   Mon   BR/BA/LL/BK/TK/MO
Glasgow         Apollo             21.10.1980   Tue   BR/BA/LL/BK/TK
Newcastle       City Hall          22.10.1980   Wed   BR/BA/LL/BK/TK
Leicester       DeMontfort Hall    24.10.1980   Fri   BR/BA/LL/HA/TK/BK
St.Austell     New Cornish Riviera 25.10.1980   Sat   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
Poole           Wessex Hall        26.10.1980   Sun   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
Portsmouth      Guild Hall         28.10.1980   Tue   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
Taunton         Odeon              29.10.1980   Wed   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
Bristol         Colston Hall       30.10.1980   Thu   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
Guildford       University         31.10.1980   Fri   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
Norwich         University         01.11.1980   Sat   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
London          Hammersmith Odeon  02.11.1980   Sun   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
London          Hammersmith Odeon  03.11.1980   Mon   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
Croydon         Fairfields Hall    04.11.1980   Tue   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
St.Albans       City Hall          05.11.1980   Wed   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
Chelmsford      Odeon              06.11.1980   Thu   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
Treforest       Town Hall          07.11.1980   Fri   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
Cardiff         Polytechnic        08.11.1980   Sat   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
Hull            City Hall          09.11.1980   Sun   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
Doncaster       Rotters            10.11.1980   Mon   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
Grimsby         Central Hall       11.11.1980   Tue   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
Belfast         Ulster Hall        13.11.1980   Thu   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
Dublin          Grand Cinema       14.11.1980   Fri   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
Cork            University         15.11.1980   Sat   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
Edinburgh       Odeon              12.12.1980   Fri   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
Middlesborough  Town Hall          13.12.1980   Sat   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
Peterborough    Wirrina            14.12.1980   Sun   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
Coventry        Tiffanys           15.12.1980   Mon   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
Lancaster       University         16.12.1980   Tue   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK/MO
Wolverhampton   Civic Hall         17.12.1980   Wed   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
London          Lewisham Odeon     18.12.1980   Thu   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
Southampton     Gaumont            19.12.1980   Fri   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
Taunton         Odeon              20.12.1980   Sat   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
Leeds           Queens Hall        21.12.1980   Sun   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
Cardiff         Sophia Gardens     22.12.1980   Mon   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
Baden Baden     Studio             14.02.1981   Sat   BR/BA/LL/HA/BK
Stonehenge      Festival           19.06.1981   Fri   BR/BA/LL/GR
Glastonbury     Festival           20.06.1981   Sat   BR/BA/LL/GR
North Devon     Snapper Festival   29.08.1981   Sat   BR/BA/LL/GR
Reading         Hexagon            28.09.1981   Mon   BR/BA/GR
Peterborough    Wirrina            30.09.1981   Wed   BR/BA/GR
Manchester      Apollo             01.10.1981   Thu   BR/BA/LL/GR
Leicester       DeMontfort Hall    02.10.1981   Fri   BR/BA/LL/GR
Liverpool       Empire             04.10.1981   Sun   BR/BA/LL/GR
Derby           Assembly Rooms     05.10.1981   Mon   BR/BA/LL/GR
Birmingham      Odeon              06.10.1981   Tue   BR/BA/LL/GR
Sheffield       City Hall          07.10.1981   Wed   BR/BA/LL/GR
Preston         Guild Hall         08.10.1981   Thu   BR/BA/LL/GR
Glasgow         Apollo             09.10.1981   Fri   BR/BA/LL/GR
Edinburgh       Odeon              10.10.1981   Sat   BR/BA/LL/GR
Newcastle       City Hall          11.10.1981   Sun   BR/BA/LL/GR
Hull            City Hall          12.10.1981   Mon   BR/BA/LL/GR
Bradford        St.Georges Hall    13.10.1981   Tue   BR/BA/LL/GR
Loughborough    City Hall          14.10.1981   Wed   BR/BA/LL/GR
Coventry        Theatre            15.10.1981   Thu   BR/BA/LL/GR
Hanley          Victoria Hall      16.10.1981   Fri   BR/BA/LL/GR
Ipswich         Gaumont            17.10.1981   Sat   BR/BA/LL/GR
St.Albans       City Hall          19.10.1981   Mon   BR/BA/LL/GR
St.Albans       City Hall          20.10.1981   Tue   BR/BA/LL/GR
London          Hammersmith Odeon  21.10.1981   Wed   BR/BA/LL/GR/CA
London          Hammersmith Odeon  22.10.1981   Thu   BR/BA/LL/GR
St.Austell      Coliseum           24.10.1981   Sat   BR/BA/LL/GR
Southampton     Gaumont            25.10.1981   Sun   BR/BA/LL/GR
Bristol         Colston Hall       26.10.1981   Mon   BR/BA/LL/GR
Oxford          New Theatre        27.10.1981   Tue   BR/BA/LL/GR
Loughborough    University         28.10.1981   Wed   BR/BA/LL/GR
Guildford       Civic Hall         29.10.1981   Thu   BR/BA/LL/GR
Paignton        Festival Theatre   11.12.1981   Fri   BR/BA/LL/GR
Stroud          Leisure Centre     12.12.1981   Sat   BR/BA/LL/GR
Poole           Arts Centre        13.12.1981   Sun   BR/BA/LL/GR
Bath            Pavillon           14.12.1981   Mon   BR/BA/LL/GR
Maidstone       Mid Kent Centre    16.12.1981   Wed   BR/BA/LL/GR
London          Rainbow            18.12.1981   Fri   BR/BA/LL/GR/CA/MO/TU
Dunstable       Queensway Hall     19.12.1981   Sat   BR/BA/LL/GR
Hitchin         Regal              05.03.1982   Fri   BR/BA/LL/GR
Hamburg         Markthalle         08.03.1982   Mon   BR/BA/LL/GR
Bochum          Zeche              09.03.1982   Tue   BR/BA/LL/GR
Köln            Luxor              10.03.1982   Wed   BR/BA/LL/GR
Hannover        Rotation           11.03.1982   Thu   BR/BA/LL/GR
Mannheim        Rosengarten        13.03.1982   Sat   BR/BA/LL/GR
Würzburg        Music Hall         14.03.1982   Sun   BR/BA/LL/GR
Saarbrücken     Uni                16.03.1982   Tue   BR/BA/LL/GR
München         Schwabinger Bräu   17.03.1982   Wed   BR/BA/LL/GR
Luxembourg                         20.03.1982   Sat   BR/BA/LL/GR
Noordwykerhout  De Schelft         21.03.1982   Sun   BR/BA/LL/GR
Arnheim         Stokvishal         22.03.1982   Mon   BR/BA/LL/GR
Amsterdam       Paradiso           23.03.1982   Tue   BR/BA/LL/GR
St.Austell      Benefit Festival   30.04.1982   Fri   BR/BA/LL/GR
Montgomery      New Town Theatre   01.05.1982   Sat   BR/BA/LL/GR
Wolverhampton   Monmore Stadium    02.05.1982   Sun   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
Aberystwyth     University         04.05.1982   Tue   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
Stonehenge      Festival           20.06.1982   Sun   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
Castle Donnington Monsters Of Rock 21.08.1982   Sat   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
Hitchin         Regal              14.10.1982   Thu   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
Hitchin         Regal              15.10.1982   Fri   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
Manchester      Apollo             16.10.1982   Sat   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
Preston         Guild Hall         17.10.1982   Sun   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
Liverpool       Empire             18.10.1982   Mon   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
Glasgow         Apollo             19.10.1982   Tue   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
Edinburgh       Playhouse          21.10.1982   Thu   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
Aberdeen        Capitol            22.10.1982   Fri   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
Newcastle       City Hall          23.10.1982   Sat   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
Bradford        St.Georges Hall    24.10.1982   Sun   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
Sheffield       City Hall          25.10.1982   Mon   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
Nottingham      Rock City          26.10.1982   Tue   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
Birmingham      Odeon              27.10.1982   Wed   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
Wolverhampton   Civic Hall         28.10.1982   Thu   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
St.Albans       City Hall          30.10.1982   Sat   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
Bristol         Colston Hall       31.10.1982   Sun   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
Southampton     Gaumont            01.11.1982   Mon   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
Hanley          Victoria Hall      03.11.1982   Wed   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
Dunstable       Queensway Hall     04.11.1982   Thu   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
Norwich         University         05.11.1982   Fri   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
Ipswich         Gaumont            06.11.1982   Sat   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
Leicester       DeMontfort Hall    07.11.1982   Sun   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
Tunbridge Wells Assembly Hall      09.11.1982   Tue   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
Folkestone      Leas Cliff Hall    10.11.1982   Wed   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU/CA
Guildford       Civic Hall         11.11.1982   Thu   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
London          Hammersmith Odeon  12.11.1982   Fri   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU/MO
London          Hammersmith Odeon  13.11.1982   Sat   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
Oxford          Apollo             14.11.1982   Sun   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU
Chippenham      Goldiggers Club    15.11.1982   Mon   BR/BA/LL/GR/TU

Bradford                  St.Georges Hall             09.02.1983   Wed   BR/BA/LL/AN/TU
Dunstable                 Queensway Hall              10.02.1983   Thu   BR/BA/LL/AN/TU
Leicester                 University                  11.02.1983   Fri   BR/BA/LL/AN/TU
Sheffield                 University                  12.02.1983   Sat   BR/BA/LL/AN/TU
London                    Hammersmith Palais          13.02.1983   Sun   BR/BA/LL/AN/TU
St.Helens                 Theatre Royal               15.02.1983   Tue   BR/BA/LL/AN/TU
Nottingham                Royal Centre                16.02.1983   Wed   BR/BA/LL/AN/TU
Cricket St.Thomas         Wildlife Park               04.06.1983   Sat   BR/BA/LL/AN/TU/DF
Stonehenge                Festival                    22.06.1983   Wed   BR/BA/LL/HE/TU/DF
Milton Keynes             Woughton Centre             03.09.1983   Sat   BR/BA/TU
Slough                    Thames Hall                 16.02.1984   Thu   BR/BA/LL/MA/TU/DF
Birmingham                Odeon                       17.02.1984   Fri   BR/BA/LL/MA/TU/DF
Liverpool                 Empire                      18.02.1984   Sat   BR/BA/LL/MA/TU/DF
Manchester                Apollo                      19.02.1984   Sun   BR/BA/LL/MA/TU/DF
Preston                   Guild Hall                  20.02.1984   Mon   BR/BA/LL/MA/TU/DF
Sheffield                 City Hall                   21.02.1984   Tue   BR/BA/LL/MA/TU/DF
Newcastle                 City Hall                   22.02.1984   Wed   BR/BA/LL/MA/TU/DF
Edinburgh                 Playhouse                   23.02.1984   Thu   BR/BA/LL/MA/TU/DF
Aberdeen                  Capitol                     24.02.1984   Fri   BR/BA/LL/MA/TU/DF
Dundee                    University                  25.02.1984   Sat   BR/BA/LL/MA/TU/DF
Glasgow                   Apollo                      26.02.1984   Sun   BR/BA/LL/MA/TU/DF
Hull                      City Hall                   27.02.1984   Mon   BR/BA/LL/MA/TU/DF
Middlesborough            Town Hall                   28.02.1984   Tue   BR/BA/LL/MA/TU/DF
Halifax                   City Hall                   29.02.1984   Wed   BR/BA/LL/MA/TU/DF
Bradford                  University                  01.03.1984   Thu   BR/BA/LL/MA/TU/DF
Hanley                    Victoria Hall               02.03.1984   Fri   BR/BA/LL/MA/TU/DF
Nottingham                Sherwood Rooms              03.03.1984   Sat   BR/BA/LL/MA/TU/DF
Folkestone                Leas Cliff Hall             05.03.1984   Mon   BR/BA/LL/DM/TU/DF
Crawley                   Leisure Centre              06.03.1984   Tue   BR/BA/LL/DM/TU/DF
Portsmouth                Guild Hall                  07.03.1984   Wed   BR/BA/LL/DM/TU/DF
Dunstable                 Queensway Hall              08.03.1984   Thu   BR/BA/LL/DM/TU/DF/AD
Ipswich                   Gaumont                     09.03.1984   Fri   BR/BA/LL/DM/TU/DF
Reading                   University                  10.03.1984   Sat   BR/BA/LL/DM/TU/DF/AD
Leicester                 DeMontfort Hall             11.03.1984   Sun   BR/BA/LL/DM/TU/DF/AD
London                    Hammersmith Odeon           13.03.1984   Tue   BR/BA/LL/DM/TU/DF/LE/MO
London                    Hammersmith Odeon           14.03.1984   Wed   BR/BA/LL/DM/TU/DF/LE/MO
Guildford                 Civic Hall                  15.03.1984   Thu   BR/BA/LL/DM/TU/DF
Cardiff                   St.Davids Hall              16.03.1984   Fri   BR/BA/LL/DM/TU/DF
Oxford                    Apollo                      17.03.1984   Sat   BR/BA/LL/DM/TU/DF/MO
Bristol                   Colston Hall                18.03.1984   Sun   BR/BA/LL/DM/TU/DF
Bath                      Pavillon                    19.03.1984   Mon   BR/BA/LL/DM/TU/DF
Southend                  Cliffs Pavillon             20.03.1984   Tue   BR/BA/LL/DM/TU/DF
Southampton               Gaumont                     21.03.1984   Wed   BR/BA/LL/DM/TU/DF
Swansea                   University                  22.03.1984   Thu   BR/BA/LL/DM/TU/DF
Plymouth                  Skating Ring                23.03.1984   Fri   BR/BA/LL/DM/TU/DF
Brighton                  Sea-Con                     22.04.1984   Sun   BR/BA/LL/CA
Ramsgate                  Marina Park                 28.05.1984   Mon   BR/BA/LL/DM/TU/DF/CA
Stonehenge                Festival                    20.06.1984   Wed   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH/TU
Stonehenge                Festival                    21.06.1984   Thu   BR/DA/BA/TH/TU
Stonehenge                Festival                    22.06.1984   Fri   BR/DA/TU/TH/CP
Montgomery                Festival                    06.07.1984   Fri   BR/DA/DF/LL/DM/TU
Amsterdam                 Melkweg                     31.07.1984   Tue   BR/DA/DF/LL/DM/TU
Amsterdam                 Melkweg                     01.08.1984   Wed   BR/DA/DF/LL/DM/TU
Amsterdam                 Weylingen                   02.08.1984   Thu   DA/DF/LL/DM/TU
Warrington                Spectrum                    16.11.1984   Fri   BR/DA/BA/LL/DM/TU
Cardiff                   University                  17.11.1984   Sat   BR/DA/BA/LL/DM/TU
Dunstable                 Queensway Hall              18.11.1984   Sun   BR/DA/BA/LL/DM/TU
Derby                     Assembly Rooms              19.11.1984   Mon   BR/DA/BA/LL/DM/TU
Leicester                 Kiesa's Ballroom            20.11.1984   Tue   BR/DA/BA/LL/DM/TU
Newcastle                 Mayfair                     21.11.1984   Wed   BR/DA/BA/LL/DM/TU
Slough                    Fulcrum Centre              23.11.1984   Fri   BR/DA/BA/LL/DM/TU
St.Albans                 City Hall                   24.11.1984   Sat   BR/DA/BA/LL/DM/TU
Norwich                   University                  25.11.1984   Sun   BR/DA/BA/LL/DM/TU
Ipswich                   Gaumont                     26.11.1984   Mon   BR/DA/BA/LL/DM/TU/TH
Sheffield                 University                  27.11.1984   Tue   BR/DA/BA/LL/DM/TU
Stoke On Trent            Kings Hall                  28.11.1984   Wed   BR/DA/BA/LL/DM/TU
Worthing                  Assembly Hall               29.11.1984   Fri   BR/DA/BA/LL/DM/TU/TH
Ipswich                   Cinderella's                22.01.1985   Tue   DA/LL/BA/DM
Manchester                Exhibition Hall             10.02.1985   Sun   SL/DA/BA/LL/TH/AD/CB/TU
London                    Television                  26.04.1985   Fri   BR/DA/BA/LL/DM
Folkestone                Leas Cliff Hall             01.06.1985   Sat   BR/BA/DA/LL/DM
Reading                   Hexagon                     02.06.1985   Sun   BR/BA/DA/LL/DM
Dunstable                 Queensway Hall              03.06.1985   Mon   BR/BA/DA/LL/DM
Nottingham                Rock City                   04.06.1985   Tue   BR/BA/DA/LL/DM
Stonehenge                White Horse Hill            21.06.1985   Fri   BR/BA/DA/TU/TH
London                    Maida Vale                  19.07.1985   Fri   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Crystal Palace            Park                        24.08.1985   Sat   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH/LE
Norwich                   Earlham Park                31.08.1985   Sat   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Guildford                 Civic Hall                  05.11.1985   Tue   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Coventry                  Polytechnic                 06.11.1985   Wed   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Preston                   Guild Hall                  07.11.1985   Thu   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Hanley                    Victoria Hall               08.11.1985   Fri   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Leeds                     University                  09.11.1985   Sat   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Sheffield                 City Hall                   10.11.1985   Sun   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Nottingham                Rock City                   12.11.1985   Tue   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Birmingham                Odeon                       13.11.1985   Wed   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Liverpool                 Empire                      14.11.1985   Thu   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Newcastle                 City Hall                   16.11.1985   Sat   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Glasgow                   Barrowlands                 17.11.1985   Sun   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Edinburgh                 Playhouse                   18.11.1985   Mon   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Aberdeen                  Capitol                     19.11.1985   Tue   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Manchester                Apollo                      21.11.1985   Thu   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Malvern                   Winter Gardens              22.11.1985   Fri   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Ipswich                   Gaumont                     23.11.1985   Sat   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Southampton               Gaumont                     24.11.1985   Sun   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Walthamstow               Assembly Rooms              25.11.1985   Mon   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Cardiff                   St.Davids Hall              27.11.1985   Wed   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Leicester                 DeMontfort Hall             28.11.1985   Thu   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Dunstable                 Queensway Hall              29.11.1985   Fri   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Norwich                   University                  30.11.1985   Sat   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Portsmouth                Guild Hall                  01.12.1985   Sun   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Oxford                    Apollo                      02.12.1985   Mon   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
London                    Hammersmith Odeon           03.12.1985   Tue   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH/MO
London                    Hammersmith Odeon           04.12.1985   Wed   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH/MO
Worthing                  Assembly Hall               05.12.1985   Thu   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Tunbridge Wells           Assembly Hall               06.12.1985   Fri   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Bristol                   Hippodrome                  07.12.1985   Sat   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Bridport                  Beehive                     04.04.1986   Fri   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Oxford                    New Age Fayre               05.05.1986   Mon   DA/BA/LL/TH
Bristol                   Custom Bike Show            20.06.1986   Fri   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Exeter                    St.Georges Hall             05.07.1986   Sat   BR/DA/BA/TH
Bideford                  Benefit Festival            17.07.1986   Thu   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Reading                   Festival                    24.08.1986   Sun   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH/LE/DU
Plymouth                  Academy                     01.09.1986   Mon   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Bournemouth               Academy                     02.09.1986   Tue   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
St.Albans                 City Hall                   07.11.1986   Fri   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Birmingham                Odeon                       08.11.1986   Sat   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Derby                     Assembly Rooms              09.11.1986   Sun   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Oxford                    Apollo                      10.11.1986   Mon   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Leicester                 DeMontfort Hall             11.11.1986   Tue   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Edinburgh                 Playhouse                   13.11.1986   Thu   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Newcastle                 City Hall                   14.11.1986   Fri   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Manchester                Apollo                      15.11.1986   Sat   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Liverpool                 Empire                      16.11.1986   Sun   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Cardiff                   St.Davids Hall              17.11.1986   Mon   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Bristol                   Colston Hall                18.11.1986   Tue   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Bradford                  St.Georges Hall             20.11.1986   Thu   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Leeds                     University                  21.11.1986   Fri   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Hanley                    Victoria Hall               22.11.1986   Sat   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Sheffield                 City Hall                   23.11.1986   Sun   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Ipswich                   Gaumont                     24.11.1986   Mon   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Worthing                  Assembly Hall               25.11.1986   Tue   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Portsmouth                Guild Hall                  26.11.1986   Wed   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
London                    Hammersmith Odeon           27.11.1986   Thu   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
London                    Hammersmith Odeon           28.11.1986   Fri   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Folkestone                Leas Cliff Hall             29.11.1986   Sat   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Southampton               Gaumont                     30.11.1986   Sun   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Malvern                   Winter Gardens              01.12.1986   Mon   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Nottingham                Rock City                   02.12.1986   Tue   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Preston                   Guild Hall                  03.12.1986   Wed   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Guildford                 Civic Hall                  04.12.1986   Thu   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Norwich                   University                  05.12.1986   Fri   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Peterborough              Wirrina                     06.12.1986   Sat   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Dunstable                 Queensway Hall              07.12.1986   Sun   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Reading                   Majestic Club               08.12.1986   Mon   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Bournemouth               Academy                     09.12.1986   Tue   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Wien                      Fritz                       23.05.1987   Sat   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Nürnberg                  Zabolinde                   24.05.1987   Sun   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Esslingen                 Music & Action              25.05.1987   Mon   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Frankfurt                 Batschkapp                  26.05.1987   Tue   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Köln                      Luxor                       27.05.1987   Wed   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Detmold                   Hunky Dory                  28.05.1987   Thu   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Haltern                   Old Daddy                   29.05.1987   Fri   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Hamburg                   Knopf's Music Hall          30.05.1987   Sat   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Bochum                    Zeche                       31.05.1987   Sun   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Bristol                   Studio                      03.08.1987   Mon   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Southampton               Top Rank                    04.08.1987   Tue   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Cardiff                   Rizzy                       05.08.1987   Wed   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Bramdean                  Festival                    08.08.1987   Sat   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Finsbury Park             Acid Daze                   23.08.1987   Sun   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH/LE/DU
Brighton                  Festival                    28.08.1987   Fri   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Folkestone                Leas Cliff Hall             11.09.1987   Fri   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH/DU
Dunstable                 Queensway Hall              12.09.1987   Sat   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Nottingham                Rock City                   19.09.1987   Sat   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Worchester                Pitchcroft                  26.09.1987   Sat   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
St.Albans                 City Hall                   09.12.1987   Wed   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Buckley                   Tivoli                      10.12.1987   Thu   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Leicester                 DeMontfort Hall             11.12.1987   Fri   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Leeds                     Acid Daze                   12.12.1987   Sat   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Worthing                  Assembly Hall               04.04.1988   Mon   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Nottingham                Rock City                   05.04.1988   Tue   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Guildford                 Civic Hall                  06.04.1988   Wed   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Folkestone                Leas Cliff Hall             07.04.1988   Thu   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Portsmouth                Guild Hall                  08.04.1988   Fri   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Bristol                   Colston Hall                09.04.1988   Sat   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Oxford                    Apollo                      10.04.1988   Sun   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Preston                   Guild Hall                  11.04.1988   Mon   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Edinburgh                 Playhouse                   13.04.1988   Wed   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Newcastle                 City Hall                   14.04.1988   Thu   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Manchester                Apollo                      15.04.1988   Fri   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Liverpool                 Empire                      17.04.1988   Sun   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Sheffield                 City Hall                   18.04.1988   Mon   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Birmingham                Powerhouse                  19.04.1988   Tue   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Cambridge                 Corn Exchange               20.04.1988   Wed   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
London                    Hammersmith Odeon           21.04.1988   Thu   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH/DU
London                    Hammersmith Odeon           22.04.1988   Fri   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Norwich                   University                  23.04.1988   Sat   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Southampton               Mayflower                   24.04.1988   Sun   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Leicester                 DeMontfort Hall             25.04.1988   Mon   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Leeds                     University                  26.04.1988   Tue   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Cardiff                   St.Davids Hall              28.04.1988   Thu   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Hanley                    Victoria Hall               29.04.1988   Fri   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
St.Albans                 City Hall                   30.04.1988   Sat   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Lincoln                   Drill Hall                  01.05.1988   Sun   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
London                    Town&Country Club           30.05.1988   Mon   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH/LE
Wick                      Festival                    01.06.1988   Wed   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Silchester                Festival                    05.06.1988   Sun   BR/DA/BA/LL/TH
Brecon (HD)               Festival                    23.07.1988   Sat   BR/CR/???
Barnstaple (HD)           Rock Festival               30.07.1988   Sat   BR/CR/???
Newquay (HD)              Famous Firkin               02.08.1988   Tue   BR/CR/???
Penzance (HD)             Festival                    06.08.1988   Sat   BR/DA/BA/?
Tewkesbury (HD)           Festival                    14.08.1988   Sun   BR/CR/???
Bodmin                    Festival                    01.09.1988   Thu   BR/DA/BA/LL/KT
Bristol                   Studio                      11.09.1988   Sun   BR/DA/BA/LL/KT
Tunbridge Wells           Assembly Hall               12.09.1988   Mon   BR/DA/BA/LL/KT
Bournemouth               Academy                     13.09.1988   Tue   BR/DA/BA/LL/KT
Plymouth                  Academy                     14.09.1988   Wed   BR/DA/BA/LL/KT
Cheltenham                Town Hall                   17.09.1988   Sat   BR/DA/BA/LL/KT
Leeds                     University                  18.09.1988   Sun   BR/DA/BA/LL/KT
Clyro                     Court                       01.10.1988   Sat   BR/DA/BA/LL/KT/TU
Birmingham (HD)           Kaleidoscope                14.11.1988   Mon   BR/CR/???
Camden (HD)               Electric Ballroom           16.11.1988   Wed   BR/CR/???
Bournemouth               Academy                     28.11.1988   Mon   BR/DA/BA/LL/CH
Keele                     University                  29.11.1988   Tue   BR/DA/BA/LL/CH
St.Albans                 City Hall                   30.11.1988   Wed   BR/DA/BA/LL/CH
Buckley                   Tivoli                      01.12.1988   Thu   BR/DA/BA/LL/CH
Sheffield                 Octagone                    02.12.1988   Fri   BR/DA/BA/LL/CH
Norwich                   University                  03.12.1988   Sat   BR/DA/BA/LL/CH
Birmingham                Powerhouse                  04.12.1988   Sun   BR/DA/BA/LL/CH
Liverpool                 Empire                      05.12.1988   Mon   BR/DA/BA/LL/CH
Edinburgh                 Playhouse                   06.12.1988   Tue   BR/DA/BA/LL/CH
Nottingham                Rock City                   07.12.1988   Wed   BR/DA/BA/LL/CH
Manchester                Apollo                      08.12.1988   Thu   BR/DA/BA/LL/CH
Leeds                     University                  09.12.1988   Fri   BR/DA/BA/LL/CH
Leicester                 University                  10.12.1988   Sat   BR/DA/BA/LL/CH
Northampton               Kamikazi                    11.12.1988   Sun   BR/DA/BA/LL/CH
Bristol                   Colston Hall                12.12.1988   Mon   BR/DA/BA/LL/CH
Newport                   Centre                      13.12.1988   Tue   BR/DA/BA/LL/CH
London                    Hammersmith Odeon           14.12.1988   Wed   BR/DA/BA/LL/CH
London                    Town & Country Club         15.12.1988   Thu   BR/DA/BA/LL/CH/AS
Birmingham (HD)           Kaleidoscope                27.02.1989   Mon   BR/CR/???
Brixton                   Academy                     05.03.1989   Sun   BR/DA/BA/LL/CH/TU/HO/AS/GR
Bridport                  Beehive                     10.03.1989   Fri   BR/DA/BA/CH
Leeds (HD)                Phoenix Club                15.03.1989   Wed   BR/CR/???
Bristol (HD)              Bierkeller                  20.03.1989   Mon   BR/CR/???
Bath (HD)                 Langarce Hall               20.04.1989   Thu   DA/CH/???
Finsbury Park (HD)        George Robey                23.04.1989   Sun   BR/CR/???
Wallsall (HD)             Junction 10                 23.05.1989   Tue   BR/CR/???
St.Albans                 City Hall                   02.06.1989   Fri   BR/DA/BA/CH/HO/WI
Woolwich                  Coronet                     03.06.1989   Sat   BR/DA/BA/CH/HO/WI
Salisbury                 City Hall                   04.06.1989   Sun   BR/DA/BA/CH/HO/WI
Folkestone                Leas Cliff Hall             05.06.1989   Mon   BR/DA/BA/CH/HO/WI
Nottingham                Rock City                   07.06.1989   Wed   BR/DA/BA/CH/HO/WI
Worthing                  Assembly Hall               08.06.1989   Thu   BR/DA/BA/CH/HO/WI
Manchester                International               09.06.1989   Fri   BR/DA/BA/CH/HO/WI
Glastonbury               Festival                    20.06.1989   Tue   BR/DA/BA/CH
Treworgey                 Tree Fayre Festival         29.07.1989   Sat   BR/DA/BA/CH/HO/WI
Newquay (HD)              Famous Firkin               05.08.1989   Sat   BR/CR/???
Brixton                   Academy                     03.09.1989   Sun   BR/DA/BA/CH/HO/WI/LE
Clyro                     Diamond                     24.09.1989   Sun   BR/DA/BA/CH
Washington                9:30 Club                   26.09.1989   Tue   BR/DA/BA/CH
Sommerville               Johnny D's                  27.09.1989   Wed   BR/DA/BA/CH
New York                  New Ritz                    28.09.1989   Thu   BR/DA/BA/CH
Ardmore                   23 East Cabaret             29.09.1989   Fri   BR/DA/BA/CH
Cleveland                 Phantasy Club               30.09.1989   Sat   BR/DA/BA/CH
Chicago                   Lounge Axe                  01.10.1989   Sun   BR/DA/BA/CH
Milwaukee                 Odd Rock Cafe               03.10.1989   Tue   BR/DA/BA/CH
Minneapolis               First Avenue                04.10.1989   Wed   BR/DA/BA/CH
San Francisco             Stone                       07.10.1989   Sat   BR/DA/BA/CH
Santa Clara               One Step Beyond             09.10.1989   Mon   BR/DA/BA/CH
Los Angeles               Palace                      10.10.1989   Tue   BR/DA/BA/CH
San Diego                 Bacchanal                   12.10.1989   Thu   BR/DA/BA/CH
Bournemouth               Academy                     29.11.1989   Wed   BR/DA/BA/CH/HO
Hemel                     Pavillon                    30.11.1989   Thu   BR/DA/BA/CH/HO
Norwich                   University                  01.12.1989   Fri   BR/DA/BA/CH/HO
Leeds                     University                  02.12.1989   Sat   BR/DA/BA/CH/HO
Sheffield                 University                  03.12.1989   Sun   BR/DA/BA/CH/HO
Keele                     University                  04.12.1989   Mon   BR/DA/BA/CH/HO
Liverpool                 Royal Court                 05.12.1989   Tue   BR/DA/BA/CH/HO
Preston                   Guild Hall                  06.12.1989   Wed   BR/DA/BA/CH/HO
London                    Hammersmith Odeon           07.12.1989   Thu   BR/DA/BA/CH/HO/AS
London                    Hammersmith Odeon           08.12.1989   Fri   BR/DA/BA/CH/HO
Cardiff                   St.Davids Hall              10.12.1989   Sun   BR/DA/BA/CH/HO
Bristol                   Colston Hall                11.12.1989   Mon   BR/DA/BA/CH/HO
Manchester                Apollo                      12.12.1989   Tue   BR/DA/BA/CH/HO
Edinburgh                 Usher Hall                  13.12.1989   Wed   BR/DA/BA/CH/HO
Cambridge                 Corn Exchange               14.12.1989   Thu   BR/DA/BA/CH/HO
Wolverhampton             Civic Hall                  15.12.1989   Fri   BR/DA/BA/CH/HO
Wolverhampton             Civic Hall                  16.12.1989   Sat   BR/DA/BA/CH/HO
Croydon                   Fairfields Hall             17.12.1989   Sun   BR/DA/BA/CH/HO
Plymouth                  Warehouse                   18.12.1989   Mon   BR/DA/BA/CH
Nottingham                Lenton Lane Studios         25.01.1990   Thu   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI/HO
Bridport                  Beehive                     04.05.1990   Fri   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
London                    Finsbury Park               19.05.1990   Sat   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Glastonbury               Festival                    23.06.1990   Sat   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Glastonbury               Festival                    24.06.1990   Sun   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Bournemouth               Academy                     02.07.1990   Mon   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Brighton                  Festival                    19.08.1990   Sun   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Brixton                   Academy                     01.09.1990   Sat   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Leeds                     University                  13.10.1990   Sat   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Hull                      City Hall                   14.10.1990   Sun   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Nottingham                Rock City                   16.10.1990   Tue   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Newcastle                 Mayfair                     18.10.1990   Thu   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Redcar                    Coat & Bowl                 19.10.1990   Fri   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Edinburgh                 Playhouse                   20.10.1990   Sat   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Liverpool                 Royal Court                 21.10.1990   Sun   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Manchester                Apollo                      22.10.1990   Mon   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Wolverhampton             Civic Hall                  24.10.1990   Wed   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Preston                   Guild Hall                  25.10.1990   Thu   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Sheffield                 Polytechnic                 26.10.1990   Fri   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Croydon                   Fairfields Hall             27.10.1990   Sat   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Cambridge                 Corn Exchange               28.10.1990   Sun   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Reading                   University                  30.10.1990   Tue   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Hemel                     Pavillon                    31.10.1990   Wed   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Newport                   Leisure Centre              01.11.1990   Thu   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Hanley                    Victoria Hall               02.11.1990   Fri   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Colchester                University                  03.11.1990   Sat   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Bristol                   Colston Hall                04.11.1990   Sun   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Leicester                 DeMontfort Hall             05.11.1990   Mon   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
London                    Hammersmith Odeon           06.11.1990   Tue   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Brighton                  The Event                   07.11.1990   Wed   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Exeter                    St.Georges Hall             08.11.1990   Thu   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Southampton               Mayflower                   09.11.1990   Fri   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Norwich                   University                  10.11.1990   Sat   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Boston                    Channel Club                28.11.1990   Wed   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Philadelphia              Ambler                      30.11.1990   Fri   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
New York                  Wetlands                    01.12.1990   Sat   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Washington                9:30 Club                   02.12.1990   Sun   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Toronto                   Diamond                     04.12.1990   Tue   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Cleveland                 Empire                      05.12.1990   Wed   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Cleveland                 Empire                      06.12.1990   Thu   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Chicago                   Cubby Bear                  07.12.1990   Fri   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
River Growe               Thirsty Whale               08.12.1990   Sat   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Milwaukee                 Shank Hall                  09.12.1990   Sun   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Minneapolis               Glam Slam                   11.12.1990   Tue   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Denver                    Mercury Club                13.12.1990   Thu   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Los Angeles               Lingerie                    15.12.1990   Sat   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Oakland                   Omni                        16.12.1990   Sun   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
San Francisco             I-Beam                      17.12.1990   Mon   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Portland                  Day For Night               19.12.1990   Wed   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Long Beach                Bogarts                     22.12.1990   Sat   BR/DA/BA/CH/WI
Amsterdam                 Paradiso                    12.03.1991   Tue   BM/DA/BA/CH/WI
Tilburg                   Noorderligt                 13.03.1991   Wed   BM/DA/BA/CH/WI
Köln                      Live Music Hall             14.03.1991   Thu   BM/DA/BA/CH/WI
Berlin                    Extasy                      15.03.1991   Fri   BM/DA/BA/CH/WI
Hamburg                   Markthalle                  16.03.1991   Sat   BM/DA/BA/CH/WI
Bremen                    Modernes                    17.03.1991   Sun   BM/DA/BA/CH/WI
Osnabrück                 Hyde Park                   18.03.1991   Mon   BM/DA/BA/CH/WI
Bochum                    Zeche                       19.03.1991   Tue   BM/DA/BA/CH/WI
Stuttgart                 Schinderhannes              20.03.1991   Wed   BM/DA/BA/CH/WI
Mainz                     Kulturzentrum               21.03.1991   Thu   BM/DA/BA/CH/WI
Kempten                   Allgäuhalle                 22.03.1991   Fri   BM/DA/BA/CH/WI
Nürnberg                  Komm                        23.03.1991   Sat   BM/DA/BA/CH/WI
München                   Nachtwerk                   25.03.1991   Mon   BM/DA/BA/CH/WI
Wels                      Alter Schlachhof            26.03.1991   Tue   BM/DA/BA/CH/WI
Wien                      Rock House                  27.03.1991   Wed   BM/DA/BA/CH/WI
Zagreb                                                28.03.1991   Thu   BM/DA/BA/CH/WI
Athen                     Rodon Club                  30.03.1991   Sat   BM/DA/BA/CH/WI
Athen                     Rodon Club                  31.03.1991   Sun   BM/DA/BA/CH/WI
Bari                                                  03.04.1991   Wed   BM/DA/BA/CH/WI
Rom                       Castello Club               04.04.1991   Thu   BM/DA/BA/CH/WI
Florenz                   Tenaz                       05.04.1991   Fri   BM/DA/BA/CH/WI
Turin                                                 06.04.1991   Sat   BM/DA/BA/CH/WI
Paris                     Bataclan                    09.04.1991   Tue   BM/DA/BA/CH/WI
Brussels                  De Vaarkapoen               10.04.1991   Wed   BM/DA/BA/CH/WI
New York                  Marquee                     09.05.1991   Thu   BR/DA/CH
Philadelphia              Ambler                      10.05.1991   Fri   BR/DA/CH
Asbury Park               Fast Lane                   11.05.1991   Sat   BR/DA/CH
Washington                9:30 Club                   12.05.1991   Sun   BR/DA/CH
Montreal                  LeFoufones                  14.05.1991   Tue   BR/DA/CH
Ottawa                    Barrymores                  15.05.1991   Wed   BR/DA/CH
Toronto                   Spectrum                    16.05.1991   Thu   BR/DA/CH
St.Catherines             Hideaway                    17.05.1991   Fri   BR/DA/CH
Detroit                   Latin Quarter               18.05.1991   Sat   BR/DA/CH
Cleveland                 Empire                      19.05.1991   Sun   BR/DA/CH
Minneapolis               First Avenue                21.05.1991   Tue   BR/DA/CH
Milwaukee                 Shank Hall                  22.05.1991   Wed   BR/DA/CH
Chicago                   Cabaret Metro               23.05.1991   Thu   BR/DA/CH
Glasgow                   Barrowlands                 05.07.1991   Fri   BR/DA/CH/WI
Brixton                   Academy                     06.07.1991   Sat   BR/DA/CH/WI/BL
Cullompton                Festival                    20.07.1991   Sat   BR/DA/CH/WI
Mildenhall                Festival                    03.08.1991   Sat   BR/DA/CH/WI
Exeter                    Plaza                       31.08.1991   Sat   BR/DA/CH/WI
Göteborg                  Magasinet                   28.09.1991   Sat   BR/DA/CH
Stockholm                 Dailys Bar                  29.09.1991   Sun   BR/DA/CH
Borlänge                  Bolanche                    30.09.1991   Mon   BR/DA/CH
Oslo                      Alaska                      01.10.1991   Tue   BR/DA/CH
Uppsala                   Barowiac                    02.10.1991   Wed   BR/DA/CH
Lund                      Smälands Nation             03.10.1991   Thu   BR/DA/CH
Copenhagen                Loppen                      04.10.1991   Fri   BR/DA/CH
Berlin                    H & M                       05.10.1991   Sat   BR/DA/CH
Hamburg                   Markthalle                  06.10.1991   Sun   BR/DA/CH
Herford                   Rock Haeven                 07.10.1991   Mon   BR/DA/CH
Bochum                    Zeche                       08.10.1991   Tue   BR/DA/CH
Frankfurt                 Batschkapp                  09.10.1991   Wed   BR/DA/CH
Erlangen                  E-Werk                      10.10.1991   Thu   BR/DA/CH
Brussels                  Ancienne Belgique           11.10.1991   Fri   BR/DA/CH
Tilburg                   Noorderligt                 12.10.1991   Sat   BR/DA/CH
Den Haag                  Paard                       13.10.1991   Sun   BR/DA/CH
Amsterdam                 Paradiso                    15.10.1991   Tue   BR/DA/CH
Hemel                     Pavillon                    11.12.1991   Wed   BR/DA/CH
Bradford                  University                  12.12.1991   Thu   BR/DA/CH
York                      Barbican                    13.12.1991   Fri   BR/DA/CH
Cardiff                   University                  14.12.1991   Sat   BR/DA/CH
Wolverhampton             Civic Hall                  15.12.1991   Sun   BR/DA/CH
Folkestone                Leas Cliff Hall             23.04.1992   Thu   BR/DA/CH
Brighton                  The Event                   24.04.1992   Fri   BR/DA/CH
Southampton               University                  25.04.1992   Sat   BR/DA/CH
St.Austell                Coliseum                    26.04.1992   Sun   BR/DA/CH
Newcastle                 Mayfair                     29.04.1992   Wed   BR/DA/CH
Preston                   Guild Hall                  30.04.1992   Thu   BR/DA/CH
Edinburgh                 Playhouse                   01.05.1992   Fri   BR/DA/CH
Manchester                Apollo                      02.05.1992   Sat   BR/DA/CH
Liverpool                 Royal Court                 03.05.1992   Sun   BR/DA/CH
Leeds                     University                  05.05.1992   Tue   BR/DA/CH
Swansea                   Ritzy                       06.05.1992   Wed   BR/DA/CH
Bristol                   Colston Hall                07.05.1992   Thu   BR/DA/CH
Hemel                     Pavillon                    08.05.1992   Fri   BR/DA/CH
Colchester                University                  09.05.1992   Sat   BR/DA/CH
Norwich                   University                  10.05.1992   Sun   BR/DA/CH
Cambridge                 Corn Exchange               11.05.1992   Mon   BR/DA/CH
Nottingham                Rock City                   12.05.1992   Tue   BR/DA/CH
Birmingham                Hummingbird                 13.05.1992   Wed   BR/DA/CH
Sheffield                 University                  14.05.1992   Thu   BR/DA/CH
London                    Hammersmith Odeon           16.05.1992   Sat   BR/DA/CH
Milton Keynes             Woughton Centre             17.05.1992   Sun   BR/DA/CH
Leicester                 Polytechnik                 18.05.1992   Mon   BR/DA/CH
Reading                   University                  19.05.1992   Tue   BR/DA/CH
Brixton                   Academy                     15.08.1992   Sat   BR/DA/CH/SA/MI
Exeter                    Plaza                       09.12.1992   Wed   BR/DA/CH
Bradford                  Queens Hall                 10.12.1992   Thu   BR/DA/CH
Glasgow                   Barrowlands                 11.12.1992   Fri   BR/DA/CH
Aylesbury                 City Hall                   12.12.1992   Sat   BR/DA/CH
Kilburn                   National Ballroom           13.12.1992   Sun   BR/DA/CH
Warrington                Parr Hall                   14.12.1992   Mon   BR/DA/CH
Bournemouth               Academy                     15.12.1992   Tue   BR/DA/CH
Manchester                Rockworld                   07.04.1993   Wed   BR/DA/CH
Truro                     City Hall                   11.04.1993   Sun   BR/DA/CH
Rotterdam                 Night Town                  24.04.1993   Sat   BR/DA/CH
Tilburg                   Noorderligt                 25.04.1993   Sun   BR/DA/CH
Amsterdam                 Paradiso                    26.04.1993   Mon   BR/DA/CH
Paris                     Elissee Mont Matre          27.04.1993   Tue   BR/DA/CH
Antwerpen                 Hofterloo                   28.04.1993   Wed   BR/DA/CH
Utrecht                   Tivoli                      29.04.1993   Thu   BR/DA/CH
Pentrich                  Coneygrey Showground        31.07.1993   Sat   BR/DA/CH/SA/MI
Camberly                  Agincourt                   13.08.1993   Fri   BR/DA/CH/SA/MI
Brixton                   Academy                     14.08.1993   Sat   BR/DA/CH/SA/MI
Bournemouth               International Centre        05.11.1993   Fri   BR/DA/CH
Norwich                   University                  06.11.1993   Sat   BR/DA/CH
Milton Keynes             Woughton Centre             07.11.1993   Sun   BR/DA/CH
Corby                     Festival Hall               08.11.1993   Mon   BR/DA/CH
Whitchurch                Civic Centre                10.11.1993   Wed   BR/DA/CH
Cambridge                 Junction                    11.11.1993   Thu   BR/DA/CH
Wolverhampton             Civic Hall                  12.11.1993   Fri   BR/DA/CH
Bristol                   University                  13.11.1993   Sat   BR/DA/CH
Plymouth                  Warehouse                   14.11.1993   Sun   BR/DA/CH
Portheawl                 Grand Pavillon              15.11.1993   Mon   BR/DA/CH
Nottingham                Rock City                   16.11.1993   Tue   BR/DA/CH
Liverpool                 Royal Court                 17.11.1993   Wed   BR/DA/CH
Bradford                  University                  18.11.1993   Thu   BR/DA/CH
Glasgow                   Barrowlands                 20.11.1993   Sat   BR/DA/CH
Manchester                Academy                     22.11.1993   Mon   BR/DA/CH
London                    Kentishtown Forum           23.11.1993   Tue   BR/DA/CH
Folkestone                Leas Cliff Hall             24.11.1993   Wed   BR/DA/CH
Worthing                  Assembly Hall               25.11.1993   Thu   BR/DA/CH
Slough                    College                     26.11.1993   Fri   BR/DA/CH
Hastings                  Pier Pavillon               27.11.1993   Sat   BR/DA/CH
Colchester                Charter Hall                28.11.1993   Sun   BR/DA/CH
Lttich                   Culturel Center             01.12.1993   Wed   BR/DA/CH
Köln                      Live Music Hall             02.12.1993   Thu   BR/DA/CH
Hamburg                   Markthalle                  03.12.1993   Fri   BR/DA/CH
Berlin                    Huxley Junior               04.12.1993   Sat   BR/DA/CH
Nürnberg                  Löwensaal                   05.12.1993   Sun   BR/DA/CH
München                   Gleis 1                     06.12.1993   Mon   BR/DA/CH
Stuttgart                 Rühre                       07.12.1993   Tue   BR/DA/CH
Leiden                    LVC                         08.12.1993   Wed   BR/DA/CH
Hengelo                   Metropool                   09.12.1993   Thu   BR/DA/CH
Haarlem                   Patronaat                   10.12.1993   Fri   BR/DA/CH
Den Bosch                 Willem 2                    11.12.1993   Sat   BR/DA/CH
St. Niklaas               PRMC                        12.12.1993   Sun   BR/DA/CH
Dublin                    Tivoli Theatre              09.04.1994   Sat   BR/DA/CH
Belfast                   Ulster Hall                 10.04.1994   Sun   BR/DA/CH
Tenby                     Valence Pavilon             12.04.1994   Tue   BR/DA/CH
Manchester                Rockworld                   13.04.1994   Wed   BR/DA/CH
Brixton                   Fridge                      14.04.1994   Thu   BR/DA/CH/HO
Oxford                    Apollo                      15.04.1994   Fri   BR/DA/CH/HO
Exeter                    St.Georges Hall             16.04.1994   Sat   BR/DA/CH
Truro                     Town Hall                   17.04.1994   Sun   BR/DA/CH
Isle Of Man               Summerland Complex          04.06.1994   Sat   BR/DA/CH
Isle Of Man               Promenade                   05.06.1994   Sun   BR/DA/CH
Bohnstedtfeld             Waldheim Festival           15.07.1994   Fri   BR/DA/CH
Salzburg                  Rockhaus                    14.10.1994   Fri   BR/DA/CH
Wien                      Rockhaus                    15.10.1994   Sat   BR/DA/CH
Genua                     Albatros                    19.10.1994   Wed   BR/DA/CH
Spilimbergo               Rototron                    20.10.1994   Thu   BR/DA/CH
Florenz                   Auditorium                  21.10.1994   Fri   BR/DA/CH
Rom                       Palladium                   22.10.1994   Sat   BR/DA/CH
Turin                                                 23.10.1994   Sun   BR/DA/CH
Stuttgart                 Longhorn                    25.10.1994   Tue   BR/DA/CH
München                   Charterhalle                26.10.1994   Wed   BR/DA/CH
Nürnberg                  Löwensaal                   27.10.1994   Thu   BR/DA/CH
Berlin                    Huxley's Neue Welt          28.10.1994   Fri   BR/DA/CH
Aschaffenburg             Klangwerk                   30.10.1994   Sun   BR/DA/CH
Osnabrck                 Hyde Park                   31.10.1994   Mon   BR/DA/CH
Paris                     Le Plan                     01.11.1994   Tue   BR/DA/CH
Gent                      Vooruit                     02.11.1994   Wed   BR/DA/CH
Uden                      Nieuwe Pul                  03.11.1994   Thu   BR/DA/CH
Heino                     Zaal Struik                 04.11.1994   Fri   BR/DA/CH
Katwijk                   Scum                        05.11.1994   Sat   BR/DA/CH
Rotterdam                 Nighttown                   06.11.1994   Sun   BR/DA/CH
Bremen                    Aladin                      08.11.1994   Tue   BR/DA/CH
Copenhagen                Alexander                   09.11.1994   Wed   BR/DA/CH
Stockholm                 Gino                        10.11.1994   Thu   BR/DA/CH
Hamburg                   Groáe Freiheit              12.11.1994   Sat   BR/DA/CH
Köln                      Live Music Hall             13.11.1994   Sun   BR/DA/CH
Toronto                   Phoenix                     04.04.1995   Tue   BR/DA/CH/TR
St. Catherines            Hideaway                    05.04.1995   Wed   BR/DA/CH/TR
Buffalo                   Nietzsche's                 06.04.1995   Thu   BR/DA/CH/TR
Cleveland                 Agora                       07.04.1995   Fri   BR/DA/CH/TR
Springfield               Jaxx                        08.04.1995   Sat   BR/DA/CH/TR
New York                  Limelight                   09.04.1995   Sun   BR/DA/CH/TR
New Haven                 Toad's Place                11.04.1995   Tue   BR/DA/CH/TR
Atlanta                   Masquerade                  14.04.1995   Fri   BR/DA/CH/TR
Madison                   Barrymore Theatre           18.04.1995   Tue   BR/DA/CH/TR
Chicago                   Park West                   19.04.1995   Wed   BR/DA/CH/TR
Milwaukee                 Shank Hall                  20.04.1995   Thu   BR/DA/CH/TR
Boulder                   Fox Theatre                 23.04.1995   Sun   BR/DA/CH/TR
San Francisco             Slims                       25.04.1995   Tue   BR/DA/CH/TR
Isle Of Man               Festival                    07.06.1995   Wed   BR/DA/CH/TR/RI
Isle Of Man               Festival                    08.06.1995   Thu   BR/DA/CH/TR/RI
London                    BBC Studio                  27.07.1995   Thu   BR/DA/CH/TR/RI
Pentrich                  Coneygrey Showground        29.07.1995   Sat   BR/DA/CH/TR/RI
Workington                Carnagie Hall               11.10.1995   Wed   BR/DA/CH/TR
Glasgow                   Barrowlands                 12.10.1995   Thu   BR/DA/CH/TR
Lancaster                 Sugar House                 13.10.1995   Fri   BR/DA/CH/TR
Borehamwood               Venue                       14.10.1995   Sat   BR/DA/CH/TR
Liverpool                 Royal Court                 15.10.1995   Sun   BR/DA/CH/TR
Manchester                Academy                     16.10.1995   Mon   BR/DA/CH/TR
Cirencester               Corn Exchange               17.10.1995   Tue   BR/DA/CH/TR
Cardiff                   St.Davids Hall              18.10.1995   Wed   BR/DA/CH/TR
Bristol                   Colston Hall                19.10.1995   Thu   BR/DA/CH/TR
Wolverhampton             Civic Hall                  20.10.1995   Fri   BR/DA/CH/TR
Brixton                   Academy                     21.10.1995   Sat   BR/DA/CH/TR
Portsmouth                Guild Hall                  23.10.1995   Mon   BR/DA/CH/TR
Hastings                  Pier Pavillon               24.10.1995   Tue   BR/DA/CH/TR
Bochum                    Zeche                       26.10.1995   Thu   BR/DA/CH/TR
Hamburg                   Markthalle                  27.10.1995   Fri   BR/DA/CH/TR
Berlin                    Marquee                     28.10.1995   Sat   BR/DA/CH/TR
Erlangen                  E-Werk                      29.10.1995   Sun   BR/DA/CH/TR
Brussels                  La Luna                     01.11.1995   Wed   BR/DA/CH/TR
Amsterdam                 Melkweg-Max                 02.11.1995   Thu   BR/DA/CH/TR
Rotterdam                 Night Town                  03.11.1995   Fri   BR/DA/CH/TR
London                    Forum                       22.12.1995   Fri   BR/DA/CH/TR
London                    TV VH-1                     14.04.1996   Sun   BR/DA/CH/TR
Brixton                   Academy                     21.06.1996   Fri   BR/DA/CH/TR
Brentwood                 Centre                      22.06.1996   Sat   BR/DA/CH/TR
Guildford                 Civic Hall                  23.06.1996   Sun   BR/DA/CH/TR
Ipswich                   Corn Exchange               24.06.1996   Mon   BR/DA/CH/TR
Lille                     L'Aeronef                   25.06.1996   Tue   BR/DA/CH/TR
Amsterdam                 Paradiso                    26.06.1996   Wed   BR/DA/CH/TR
Tilburg                   Noorderligt                 27.06.1996   Thu   BR/DA/CH/TR
Antwerpen                 Rivierenhof                 29.06.1996   Sat   BR/DA/CH/TR
Marl                      Schacht 8                   17.07.1996   Wed   BR/DA/CH/TR
Braunschweig              FBZ                         18.07.1996   Thu   BR/DA/CH/TR
Berlin                    Huxleys                     19.07.1996   Fri   BR/DA/CH/TR
Burg Herzberg             Festival                    21.07.1996   Sun   BR/DA/CH/TR
Gent                      Festival                    23.07.1996   Tue   BR/DA/CH/TR
Langtree                  Festival                    27.07.1996   Sat   BR/DA/CH/TR
Cunlhat                   Festival                    18.08.1996   Sun   BR/CH/TR/RI
Tilburg                   Festival                    07.09.1996   Sat   BR/DA/CH/TR/RI
Rotterdam                 Nighttown                   08.09.1996   Sun   BR/DA/CH/TR/RI
Thesaloniki               Milos                       08.11.1996   Fri   BR/DA/CH/TR/RI
Athen                     Rodon Club                  09.11.1996   Sat   BR/DA/CH/TR/RI
London                    Blackheath                  07.06.1997   Sat   BR/CH/TR/RI/LL
Escalarre                 Dr.Music Festival           12.07.1997   Sat   BR/CH/TR/RI/RZ
Escalarre                 Dr.Music Festival           13.07.1997   Sun   BR/CH/TR/RI/RZ
Chicago                   Cubby Bear                  24.08.1997   Sun   BR/CH/TR/RI
Cleveland                 Phantasy Theatre            26.08.1997   Tue   BR/CH/TR/RI
New York                  Coney Island High           29.08.1997   Fri   BR/CH/TR/RI/RZ
Sherman                   Strange Daze Festival       31.08.1997   Sun   BR/CH/TR/RI/TU/RZ
Whitby                    Dracula Festival            27.09.1997   Sat   BR/CH/TR/RI/RZ
Worthing                  Assembly Hall               30.09.1997   Tue   BR/CH/TR/RI/RZ
Felixstowe                Pavillon Theatre            01.10.1997   Wed   BR/CH/TR/RI/RZ
Tunbridge Wells           Assembly Hall               02.10.1997   Thu   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Poole                     Arts Centre                 03.10.1997   Fri   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Folkestone                Leas Cliff Hall             07.10.1997   Tue   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Norwich                   University                  08.10.1997   Wed   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Colchester                Charter Hall                10.10.1997   Fri   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Kings Lynn                Corn Exchange               11.10.1997   Sat   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Hayes                     Back Theatre                13.10.1997   Mon   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Mansfield                 Leisure Centre              16.10.1997   Thu   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Edinburgh                 Liquid Rooms                17.10.1997   Fri   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Glasgow                   Garage                      19.10.1997   Sun   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Morecambe                 Dome                        20.10.1997   Mon   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Manchester                Ritz                        21.10.1997   Tue   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Blackburn                 King George Hall            22.10.1997   Wed   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Liverpool                 Empire                      23.10.1997   Thu   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Southport                 Theatre                     24.10.1997   Fri   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Stoke On Trent            Trentham Gardens            25.10.1997   Sat   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
York                      Grand Opera                 26.10.1997   Sun   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Leeds                     Irish Centre                27.10.1997   Mon   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Wolverhampton             Civic Hall                  28.10.1997   Tue   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Croydon                   Fairfields Hall             29.10.1997   Wed   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
London                    Empire                      31.10.1997   Fri   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Guildford                 Civic Centre                01.11.1997   Sat   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Sheffield                 City Hall                   02.11.1997   Sun   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Rhyll                     New Theatre                 03.11.1997   Mon   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Paington                  Festival Theatre            05.11.1997   Wed   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Newport                   Leisure Centre              06.11.1997   Thu   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Ashton                    Thamesside Theatre          07.11.1997   Fri   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Oxford                    Zodiac                      08.11.1997   Sat   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Swansea                   Leisure Centre              09.11.1997   Sun   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Swindon                   Wyvern Theatre              10.11.1997   Mon   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Eindhoven                 Effenaar                    18.11.1997   Tue   BR/CH/TR/RI/RZ
Amsterdam                 Melkweg                     19.11.1997   Wed   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Brussels                  Ancienne Belgique           20.11.1997   Thu   BR/CH/TR/RI/CR/RZ
Nelson                    Strange Daze Festival       15.08.1998   Sat   CH/RI/TY/HY/RZ
Pentrich                  Coneygrey Showground        30.07.1999   Fri   BR/CH/TR/RI/DU
Honiton                   Allescombe Farm             04.08.1999   Wed   BR/CH/TR/RI/KN
Carleen                   Wedding Party (gig 2)       11.08.1999   Wed   BR/CH/TR/RI/RZ
Carleen                   Wedding Party (gig 1)       11.08.1999   Wed   BR/CH/TR/RI/RZ
Oxford                    Zodiac                      08.11.1999   Mon   BR/CH/TR/RI/HO/RZ
Norwich                   Waterfront                  09.11.1999   Tue   BR/CH/TR/RI/HO/BA
Milton Keynes             Wavendon Stables            10.11.1999   Wed   BR/CH/TR/RI/HO/BA
St.Austell                Colliseum                   12.11.1999   Fri   BR/CH/TR/RI/TU/BA/KN
Croydon                   Fairfields Hall             14.11.1999   Sun   BR/CH/TR/RI/HO/BA/KN/TU/RZ
Bath                      Porter Butt Pub             18.12.1999   Sat   CH/WI/BM/DA/RI
Waihi Beach               Beach Hotel                 04.02.2000   Fri   BR/CH/RI/HO/BA/TY
Auckland                  Powerstation                05.02.2000   Sat   BR/CH/RI/HO/BA/TY
New Plymouth              Fitzroy Tavern              10.02.2000   Thu   BR/CH/RI/HO/BA/TY
Wellington                James Cabaret               11.02.2000   Fri   BR/CH/RI/HO/BA/TY
Wellington                James Cabaret               12.02.2000   Sat   BR/CH/RI/HO/BA/TY
Sydney                    Happy Valley Festival       18.02.2000   Fri   BR/CH/RI/HO/BA/TY
Byron Bay                 Great Northern              22.02.2000   Tue   BR/CH/RI/HO/BA/TY
Sydney                    Metro                       24.02.2000   Thu   BR/CH/RI/HO/BA/TY
Sydney                    ABC Studios                 24.02.2000   Thu   BR/CH/RI/HO/BA/TY
Auckland                  Powerstation                26.02.2000   Sat   BR/CH/RI/HO/BA/TY
Westport                  Community Hall              03.03.2000   Fri   BR/CH/RI/HO/BA/TY
Nelson                    Artery                      04.03.2000   Sat   BR/CH/RI/HO/BA/TY
Ystalyfera                Festival                    21.07.2000   Fri   TU/LL/OL/CB/DI
Brixton                   Academy                     21.10.2000   Sat   BR/CH/TR/RI/HO/DA/KN/BA/TU/LE/BL/
London                    Astoria                     29.12.2000   Fri   BR/CH/TR/RI/HO/DA/KN/BA/BL/HG/RZ
Croydon                   Fairfields Hall             25.03.2001   Sun   BR/CH/TR/RI/HO/DA/KN/HG/RZ/LL
Aldershot                 Princes Hall                01.04.2001   Sun   BR/CH/TR/RI/HO/DA/HG
Nottingham                Rock City                   02.04.2001   Mon   BR/CH/TR/RI/HO/DA
Leeds                     Irish Centre                03.04.2001   Tue   BR/CH/TR/RI/HO/DA
Donnington                Festival                    22.06.2001   Fri   BR/CH/TR/RI/HO/DA/KN/LL
Canterbury                Festival                    18.08.2001   Sat   BR/CH/HO/DA/LL/KN/BW
London                    Royal Festival Hall         10.10.2001   Wed   BR/CH/HO/DA/LL/KN/BL/HG
London                    Nikestra                    21.10.2001   Sun   TU/TR/RI/SL/OL/CB/DI
Swindon                   Wyvern Theatre              03.11.2001   Sat   BR/CH/HO/DA/LL
Leeds                     Irish Centre                06.11.2001   Tue   BR/CH/HO/DA/LL
Nottingham                Rock City                   07.11.2001   Wed   BR/CH/HO/DA/LL
Birmingham                Sanctuary                   08.11.2001   Thu   BR/CH/HO/DA/LL
Manchester                University                  10.11.2001   Sat   BR/CH/HO/DA/LL
Liverpool                 Royal Court                 11.11.2001   Sun   BR/CH/HO/DA/LL
Glasgow                   Garage                      12.11.2001   Mon   BR/CH/HO/DA/LL
Edinburgh                 Liquid Room                 13.11.2001   Tue   BR/CH/HO/DA/LL
Newcastle                 Opera House                 14.11.2001   Sun   BR/CH/HO/DA/LL
Cardif                    Coal Exchange               16.11.2001   Fri   BR/CH/HO/DA/LL
Hitchin                   Town Hall                   17.11.2001   Sat   BR/CH/HO/DA/LL/KN
Poole                     Arts Centre                 18.11.2001   Sun   BR/CH/HO/DA/LL/KN
Salisbury                 City Hall                   19.11.2001   Mon   BR/CH/HO/DA/LL/KN
Torquay                   Princess Hall               20.11.2001   Tue   BR/CH/HO/DA/LL/KN/HG
Brighton                  Concorde 2                  21.11.2001   Wed   BR/CH/HO/DA/LL
Walthamstow               Assembly Hall               24.11.2001   Sat   BR/CH/HO/DA/LL/RZ
Dublin                    Ambassador                  26.11.2001   Mon   BR/CH/HO/DA/LL
London                    Forum                       20.12.2001   Thu   BR/CH/HO/DA/LL/BL/TH/RZ
Hastings                  Pier Pavillon               18.07.2002   Thu   BR/CH/HO/DA/LL/BL/TH
Seaton                    Summer Camp                 20.07.2002   Sat   BR/CH/HO/DA/LL/BL/TH/KN/HG/RZ
London                    Wembley Arena               19.10.2002   Sat   BR/CH/DA/LL/BL/BW/LE
Newcastle                 Opera House                 04.12.2002   Wed   BR/CH/DA/LL/BL/BW
Hanley                    Victoria Hall               05.12.2002   Thu   BR/CH/DA/LL/BL/BW
Manchester                Academy                     06.12.2002   Fri   BR/CH/DA/LL/BL/BW
Liverpool                 Lomax                       08.12.2002   Sun   BR/CH/DA/LL/BL/BW
Leeds                     Irish Centre                09.12.2002   Mon   BR/CH/DA/LL/BL/BW
Northamton                Roadmenders                 10.12.2002   Tue   BR/CH/DA/LL/BL/BW
Brighton                  Concorde 2                  12.12.2002   Thu   BR/CH/DA/BL/BW
Walthamstow               Assembly Hall               13.12.2002   Fri   BR/CH/DA/BL/BW
Cambridge                 Junction                    18.05.2003   Sun   BR/CH/DA/HO/BW	
Nottingham                Rock City                   19.05.2003   Mon   BR/CH/DA/HO/BW	
London                    Astoria                     25.05.2003   Sun   BR/CH/DA/HO/BW/KN/WR	
Bristol                   Academy                     26.05.2003   Mon   BR/CH/DA/HO/BW	
Birmingham                Academy                     27.05.2003   Tue   BR/CH/DA/HO/BW	
Newquay                   Hotel California            21.06.2003   Sat   BR/CH/DA/HO/BW/BL/BT	
Pentrich                  Festival                    25.07.2003   Fri   BR/CH/DA/HO/BW/DU	
Blackpool                 Summer Camp Gig 2           09.08.2003   Sat   BR/CH/DA/HO/BW/DB/BA/KN/LL/BT	
Blackpool                 Summer Camp Gig 1           09.08.2003   Sat   BR/CH/DA/DB/BA/LL/GR	
Amsterdam                 Melkweg                     17.08.2003   Sun   BR/CH/DA/BT	
Exeter                    Phoenix Arts Centre         25.10.2003   Sat   BR/CH/DA/BT/KN	
London                    Astoria                     21.12.2003   Sun   BR/CH/DA/BT/LL/LO	
Norwich                   Waterfront                  18.04.2004   Sun   BR/CH/DA	
Salisbury                 City Hall                   20.04.2004   Tue   BR/CH/DA	
Glasgow                   Cathouse                    22.04.2004   Thu   BR/CH/DA	
Aberdeen                  Forum                       23.04.2004   Fri   BR/CH/DA	
Manchester                Ritz                        25.04.2004   Sun   BR/CH/DA	
Portsmouth                Pyramids                    27.04.2004   Tue   BR/CH/DA	
Brighton                  Concorde 2                  28.04.2004   Wed   BR/CH/DA	
Cardiff                   Coal Exchange               29.04.2004   Thu   BR/CH/DA/CR/PR	
Nothampton                Roadmenders                 30.04.2004   Fri   BR/CH/DA	
Wolverhampton             Wulfrun Hall                02.05.2004   Sun   BR/CH/DA	
Dublin                    Ambassador                  04.05.2004   Tue   BR/CH/DA	
Belfast                   Limelight                   05.05.2004   Wed   BR/CH/DA	
Thesaloniki               Milos Club                  20.05.2004   Fri   BR/CH/DA	
Athen                     Gagarin 205 Club            21.05.2004   Thu   BR/CH/DA	
Sölvesborg                Festival                    11.06.2004   Fri   BR/CH/DA/WY/CO	
Turku                     Ruisrock Festival           10.07.2004   Sat   BR/CH/DA/WY/LE	
Burg Herzberg             Festival                    17.07.2004   Sat   BR/CH/DA	
Cheltenham                Town Hall                   23.10.2004   Sat   BR/CH/DA/JA/DU/DB	
Bournemouth               BIC                         28.10.2004   Thu   BR/CH/DA/JA/DU/DB	
Newcastle                 Journal Theatre             04.12.2004   Sat   BR/CH/DA/JA/DU/DB	
Telford                   Theatre                     09.12.2004   Thu   BR/CH/DA/JA/DU/DB	
Swindon                   Oasis                       10.12.2004   Fri   BR/CH/DA/JA/DU/DB	
Cambridge                 Corn Exchange               17.12.2004   Fri   BR/CH/DA/JA/DU/DB	
Exeter                    Arts Centre                 18.12.2004   Sat   BR/CH/DA/JA/DU/DB	
London                    Astoria                     19.12.2004   Sun   BR/CH/DA/JA/DU/DB/WR	
Manchester                Academy 2                   20.12.2004   Mon   BR/CH/DA/JA/DU/DB	
Birkenhead                Arts Centre                 21.12.2004   Tue   BR/CH/DA/JA/DU/DB	
Bergen                    Festival                    04.05.2005   Wed   BR/CH/DA/JA/DB/WE	
Middlesborough            Empire                      18.05.2005   Wed   BR/CH/DA/JA/DU/DB	
Blackburn                 King George Hall            19.05.2005   Thu   BR/CH/DA/JA/DU/DB	
Sheffield                 Corporation                 21.05.2005   Sat   BR/CH/DA/JA/DU/DB	
Wolverhampton             Wulfrun Hall                22.05.2005   Sun   BR/CH/DA/JA/DU/DB	
Nottingham                Rock City                   23.05.2005   Mon   BR/CH/DA/JA/DU/DB	
Helsinki                  Tavastia                    26.05.2005   Thu   BR/CH/DA/JA/DU/DB	
Tampere                   Klubi                       27.05.2005   Fri   BR/CH/DA/JA/DU/DB	
Croydon                   Fairfield Halls             03.06.2005   Fri   BR/CH/DA/JA/DU/DB/WR	
Giessen                   Love & Peace Festival       17.06.2005   Fri   BR/CH/DA/JA	
Loreley                   Love & Peace Festival       18.06.2005   Sat   BR/CH/DA/JA	
Dour                      Festival                    15.07.2005   Fri   BR/CH/DA/JA	
London                    Launch Event                01.09.2005   Thu   BR/CH/DA/JA/DB	
Castle Donnington         Festival                    03.09.2005   Sat   BR/CH/DA/JA/DU	
Thesaloniki               Milos                       04.11.2005   Fri   BR/CH/DA/JA	
Athen                     Gagarin                     05.11.2005   Sat   BR/CH/DA/JA	
Birkenhead                Arts Centre                 15.12.2005   Thu   BR/CH/DA/JA	
Manchester                Academy 2                   16.12.2005   Fri   BR/CH/DA/JA	
Dudley                    JBs                        20.12.2005   Tue   BR/CH/DA/JA	
London                    Astoria                     21.12.2005   Wed   BR/CH/DA/JA/BT/HG	
Exeter                    Phoenix                     07.04.2006   Fri   BR/CH/DA/JA/DB/HG
Tilburg                   Roadburn Festival           22.04.2006   Sat   BR/CH/DA/JA/DB
Great Yarmouth            Eastern Haze Festival       22.07.2006   Sat   BR/CH/DA/JA/DB
Northampton               Deco                        24.10.2006   Tue   BR/CH/DA/JA
Cambridge                 Junction                    25.10.2006   Wed   BR/CH/DA/JA
Norwich                   UEA                         26.10.2006   Thu   BR/CH/DA/JA
Morecambe                 Dome                        28.10.2006   Sat   BR/CH/DA/JA
Wolverhampton             Wulfrun Hall                29.10.2006   Sun   BR/CH/DA/JA
Leeds                     Irish Centre                30.10.2006   Mon   BR/CH/DA/JA
Derby                     Assembly Rooms              31.10.2006   Tue   BR/CH/DA/JA
Haarlem                   Patronaat                   03.11.2006   Fri   BR/CH/DA/JA
Bangor                    University                  14.12.2006   Thu   BR/CH/DA/JA
Manchester                Academy                     15.12.2006   Fri   BR/CH/DA/JA
Holmfirth                 Picturedome                 16.12.2006   Sat   BR/CH/DA/JA
Rotherham                 Magna Gig 1                 18.12.2006   Mon   BR/CH/DA/JA
Rotherham                 Magna Gig 2                 18.12.2006   Mon   BR/CH/DA/JA
London                    Astoria                     20.12.2006   Wed   BR/CH/DA/JA/LL
Castle Donnington         Hawkfest                    16.06.2007   Sat   BR/CH/JA/DB
Castle Donnington         Hawkfest                    17.06.2007   Sun   BR/CH/JA/DB/LL/BT/DU/XX
Bethlehem                 Near Festival               23.06.2007   Sat   BR/CH/JA/DB
Allentown                 Sterling Hotel              24.06.2007   Sun   BR/CH/JA/DB/XX
New York                  Europa Club                 25.06.2007   Mon   BR/CH/JA/DB
Honiton                   Manor School House          14.07.2007   Sat   BR/CH/JA/DB/BG
Wolverhampton             Wulfrun Hall                12.12.2007   Wed   BR/CH/JA/DB/BL
Holmfirth                 Picturedome                 13.12.2007   Thu   BR/CH/JA/DB/BL
Manchester                Academy                     14.12.2007   Fri   BR/CH/JA/DB/BL
Exeter                    Phoenix                     15.12.2007   Sat   BR/CH/JA/DB/BL
London                    Astoria                     19.12.2007   Wed   BR/CH/JA/DB/BL

Line-Up Key: Musician:
BR Dave Brock
OL Terry Ollis
TU Nik Turner
DI DikMik
HR John A. Harrison
SL Mick Slattery
LL Huw Lloyd Langton
CB Thomas Crimble
AD Dave Anderson
DE Del Dettmar
TW Twink (John Adler)
CA Robert Calvert
MO Michael Moorcock
LE Lemmy Kilmister
KI Simon King
BA Harvey Bainbridge
BL Tim Blake
HO Simon House
PO Alan Powell
MT Al Matthews
RU Paul Rudolph
SH Adrian Shaw
GR Martin Griffin
HS Paul Hayles
SW Steve Swindells
BK Ginger Baker
TK Twink *
HA Keith Hayle
AN Andy Anderson
DF Dead Fred
HE Rob Heaton
MA Rick Martinez
DM Clive Deamer
TH Danny Thompson
DA Alan Davey
DU Dumpy Dunnell
CR Crum
KT Mick Kirton
CH Richard Chadwick
WI Bridgett Wishart
SA Salt
MI Midas
TR Ron Tree
RI Jerry Richards
RZ Captain Rizz
TY Steve Taylor
HY Steve Hayes
KN Keith Kniveton
BM Steve Bemand
HG Jezz Huggett
BW Arthur Brown
WR Matthew Wright
BT Keith "Keef" Barton
DB Mr. Dibbs
PR Peter Pracownik
WY Dave Wyndorf
CO Phil Caivano
JA Jason Stuart
WE ?
XX (mystery bass player)