Porcupine Tree

This page is a reference of sorts for information related to Porcupine Tree, or Steven Wilson, or any SW-related music projects. At the moment it is a bit haphazard, but my first goal is just to assemble all this data on a single page.

Here are some Porcupine odds-and-ends that may be of interest.

Here is a list of PDF files representing the issues of the Porcupine Tree newsletter Transmission that I received while a subscriber:

Here are some other scans:

Signify handbill (1920-KB)

Progscape 96 handbill (581-KB)

no-man - Speak Number 12 front (889-KB) back (just advertising, not included here)

no-man - Live Among the White Trash by Richard W Smith (updated June 2006)

This section includes many links to great Porcupine Tree resources on the internet.


Steven Wilson Headquarters
Porcupine Tree official site
Burning Shed private label
From A Porcelin Sky
Deadwing upcoming album
Snapper - Porcupine Tree page
Serge's Porcupine Tree
Fadeaway from Greece
The Tree German-language PTree fanzine
Carbon Nation
Silver Pills by Luis and Motti
Pure Narcotic
PT-Fans The North American Fan Site
Studio M Live Baltimore 11/07/02
Rockpalast Backstage Köln, 2005
Aviv Geffen official site
Voyage PT (Weeds)
Danforth Music Hall show review with Opeth on 7/15/03
Taborama.com guitar tab
gnoosic some guitar tab
U Zine interview with Steven Wilson, 7/7/95
Mix online.com In Absentia review 4/1/03
ProgressiveWorld.net Steve Wilson interview 2000
ProgressiveWorld.net Steve Wilson interview 2003
Ink19.com In Absentia review

Other Steven Wilson Projects

Steven Wilson - HQ home page of "the man"
no-man official no-man site
no-man - A Confession
Cipher PT-related band
Medium JBK official site
WCPN Steven Wilson and John Wesley live

Other Band Member's Projects and Cover Bands

Ex-Wise-Heads with Colin Edwin
Fuse The Sky