A History Of Captain Cloud

Captain Cloud first appeared on the "scene" in 1983. He was the late night disc jockey on a strange radio program called Gregorian Chants, which played on Sunday night at midnight for one hour each week in Terre Haute in the mid-1980s.

Later, the Captain made his appearance in central Florida, where he became known as a Kollector of psychedelic space rock music. He moved from collecting rare vinyl, to bootleg vinyl recordings, to duplicating cassettes, to purchasing bootleg CDs, to duplicating CDRs, to FTP, to SHN and then FLAC and then DVD-R, and finally to BitTorrent, all over the course of 20 years of appreciating music.

Currently the Captain is heavily involved in BT downloading of live recordings, and in converting my vast library of analog recordings into a more persistent digital medium. He has greatly reduced the amount of time spent doing actual trading via snail mail.